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2016, 08/04 – We Are Our Brains: A Neurobiography of the Brain from the Womb to Alzheimers

Everything we think, do and refrain from doing is determined by our brain. From religion to sexuality, it shapes our potential, our desires and our characters. Taking us through every stage in our lives, from the womb to falling in love to old age, Dr. Swaab shows that we don’t just have brains: we are our brains. Then the big question, “Do we control our brains or do our brains control us?” Dick Swaab was Director of the Netherlands Institute ...

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2016, 07/28 – Peak: Secrets From The New Science Of Expertise with Anders Ericsson

From the world’s reigning expert on expertise, Anders Ericsson, comes a powerful new approach to mastering almost any skill. Anders Ericsson has made a career studying chess champions, violin virtuosos, star athletes, and memory mavens. Peak distills three decades of myth-shattering research into a powerful learning strategy that is fundamentally different from the way people traditionally think about acquiring new abilities. To get your copy of Peak: Secrets From The New Science Of Expertise, please click here.   Download or ...

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2016, 07/21 – Lies my Teacher Told Me with James W. Loewen

Originally aired April 2016. James W. Loewen is a regular contributor to the History Channel’s History magazine and is a professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Vermont. Professor Loewen shows after surveying eighteen leading high school American history texts, he has concluded that not one does a decent job of making history interesting or memorable. Marred by an embarrassing combination of blind patriotism, mindless optimism, sheer misinformation, and outright lies, these books omit almost all the ambiguity, passion, ...

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2016, 07/14 – Ending Self-Destructive Patterns

Eldon will interview Ravinder Taylor about their work with ending self-sabotage and how self destructive patterns infect everyone in some area of their lives and why.   To learn more about InnerTalk, go to   Download or Listen to MP3 Archive  

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2016, 07/07 – iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold On Us

Professor Larry Rosen joins us to discuss the addictive nature of today’s technology and some of the psychological disorders that result such as Obsessive Compulsive Behavior. Rosen will flesh out the ramifications of technology on our families and culture. He has studied this issue for some 30 years and is the past Chair of the Psychology Dept at California State University, Dominquez Hills. Dr. Rosen has been featured extensively in television, print, and radio media and has been a commentator ...

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2016, 06/30 – Modern Day Liberalism with J.D. Mitschke

This one promises to be controversial. “Modern Day Liberalism: Exploring The Psychological Foundations of the Disorder,” proposes that not only do people have their heads in the sand with regard to the real world, but liberalism has gone so far as to be considered a disorder classified in the Diagnostic Manual as such. Mitschke views modern liberalism as a distorted emotionality that bring about disastrous results. “Emotional disharmonies form the foundation of Modern-Day Liberalism.” J.D. Mitschke resides in central California. ...

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2016, 06/23 – Messages of Hope with Richard Rowland

Richard Rowland is the author of the new book, “Unspoken Messages.” I loved the book and encouraged him to find a publisher. Bernie Siegel had this to say about his new book, “Richard is what I call a survivor and his words can teach us to be survivors too. He is a wounded healer, ready to serve.” He is a two-tour veteran of the Vietnam War who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer related to exposure to Dioxin (commonly ...

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2016, 06/16 – Gotcha: The Subordination of Free Will

Explore the psychology of manipulation with Dr. Eldon Taylor and Ravinder Taylor as they discuss his new bestselling book, “Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will.” Learn how simple primes like smiling faces, color, flags, cleaners, briefcases and so much more actually lead us to make choices and how these primes are used to exploit us all everyday. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why did I buy that?” and/or “Why did I do that?” Learn why in this hour of tantalizing ...

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