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2012, 12/18 – The Connection Between Imagination, Creativity and Intuition with Elaine Clayton

A favorite of Eldon’s, Elaine Clayton, figurative artist, author and illustrator returns to Provocative of Enlightenment to share her findings connecting intuition, including psychic gifts, to imagination and creativity.  Elaine will demonstrate her methods by taking your calls, so be sure to tune in. To learn more about Elain Clayton, please visit and To get your copy of Illuminara, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive.

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2012, 12/11 – The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone – Especially Ourselves with Dan Ariely

Don’t miss this one! Despite our intentions, why do we so often fail to act in our own best interest? Why  do we promise ourselves? Why do we overvalue things? Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics at Duke  University, is dedicated to answering these questions and more. To learn more about Dan Ariely and his work, please visit and To get your copy of The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone—Especially Ourselves, please click here. To get your copy ...

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2012, 12/04 – A Message of Hope From The Angels with Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne returns with this message, “An Angel told me hope makes the impossible possible.”  In her new book, Lorna tells in a simple and direct way how you can call on this help to make your life better and happier. Lorna will take your calls so don’t miss this show. To learn more about Lorna Byrne, please visit To get your copy of A Message of Hope From The Angels, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2012, 11/27 – Engineering Belief: Becoming the Genie in Your Life with Eldon and Ravinder

The power of belief cannot be overstated. In this hour, Eldon and Ravinder will share some of the latest discoveries and insights into the possible human. Imagine, what if belief the size of a mustard seed could really be the genie in your life. Don’t wish for a genie–be the genie. To learn more about InnerTalk, please visit To learn more about Eldon’s live online event – Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, please click here. For more information on the InnerTalk Collections, please click here. Download ...

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2012, 11/20 – The Healing Code with Alex Loyd

The Healing Code is a simple and powerful self-healing system that was discovered in 2001 by Alex Loyd, PhD, ND. Every time you use a Healing Code, it activates a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the #1 cause of illness and disease from the body–stress. To learn more about Alex Loyd and The Healing Code, please visit Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2012, 11/13 – Wisdom Wedgies with Dede Mercer Moffett

DeDe is one of Eldon’s favorites. She is known as the Snap Out of It! Woman. After snappingout of her 24 year addiction to alcohol, DeDe climbed out of her self imposed box and re-ignited her singing and entertaining career. Since 2008 she has performed in front of over 10 million people. To learn more about DeDe Murcer Moffett, please visit To purchase DeDe’s Get Wisdom Wedgies and Life’s Little Zingers, please click here. To purchase DeDe’s CD, I Believe, ...

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2012, 11/06 – Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting – Part 2 – with Dee Wallace

Ms. Wallace became an icon in her role that would define motherhood for a generation, as Mary in ET: The Extraterrestrial.She is also an internationally known healer, with two global radio shows and a series of healing seminars. Bright Light takes readers along on Wallace’s emotional, spiritual and professional journey.  To learn more about Dee Wallace and her work, please visit: To get your copy of Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting, please click here. To get your copy of Conscious Creation: Directing ...

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2012, 10/30 – What Really Matters with Karen Wyatt

What Really Matters: 7 Lessons For The Living From The Stories Of The Dying is a collection of stories from the files of hospice physician, Karen Wyatt, that reveal the end-of-life wisdom of several dying patients and their families. Each touching story provides a glimpse into the final days. As the drama unfolds, profound life lessons are demonstrated that will change perspectives. To learn more about Dr. Wyatt and her work, please visit To purchase What Really Matters, please click ...

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