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2011, 12/27 – Repeat – InnerTalk Goals, Strategies and Successes

Repeat: Originally aired on 7/19/11 This show features strategies for success. Eldon and Ravinder answer your questions and offer both high and low-tech solutions.  Learn how you can make your dreams come true using scientifically demonstrated technology guaranteed to work for you.  Learn how InnerTalk, the patented technology, has worked for millions world wide. To learn more about Eldon’s patented and proven InnerTalk technology, please visit Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2011, 12/20 – Repeat – The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences with PMH Atwater

Repeat from 06/21/11 : PMH Atwater joins Eldon to discuss her Big Book of Near-Death Experiences.  This is the most comprehensive reference book for the near-death phenomenon. The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences encompasses every aspect of the near-death phenomenon: the experience, aftereffects, and implications including the reality of deceased who come back.  To learn more about PMH Atwater, please visit To purchase The Big Book of Near Death Experiences, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2011, 12/13 – Living In The Light with Susan Newton

Susan is a certified NLP practitioner, Stress Management Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, medium and Interactive Verbal Channel, sharing messages from a collective called Electra and friends. The message is one of teachings and tools that will empower people to lead an unconditionally loving Life guided by Spirit. To learn more about Susan Newton and her work, please visit To purchase Living in the Light, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2011, 12/06 – Energy Medicine with Norm Shealy

Dr. Norman Shealy is a neurosurgeon, psychologist, and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association. For over three decades he has been at the forefront of alternative medicine and alternative health care. As Dr. Shealy puts it, Energy Medicine is the future of our health. Be sure to tune in. To learn more about Dr. Norman Shealy and his work, please visit: To purchase Energy Medicine, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2011, 11/30 – Dreams of Damanhur with Keith Busha

Damanhur is an intentional community best known for it’s enormous underground complex of temples. It is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values, awarded by an agency of the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future. Founded in 1975, the Federation has about 1,000 citizens. To learn more about Keith Busha and Dreams of Damanhur, please visit To view Dreams of Damanhur instantly at please click here Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2011, 11/22 – The Afterlife Revealed with Michael Tymn

Messages from the spirits relative to the nature of their world. Instead of a heaven-hell dichotomy, we are told that there are many levels, or as Jesus is quoted, “many mansions,” and that we cross over to the “other side” based on what might be called a “moral specific gravity.” To learn more about Michael Tymn, please read his blog. To purchase The Afterlife Revealed, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2011, 11/15 – Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart with Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner has chosen her films with and eye on the effect they have on the audience. She has used here star power with the objective of helping people in their personal journeys.Lindsay has combined her experience and study to develop Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart teachings. To learn more about Lindsay and her work, please visit To learn more about Lindsay’s Quiet The Mind and Open the Heart Hawaiin Retreat, please visit To purchase Lindsay’s meditation CD, ...

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2011, 11/08 – The Power of One with Steve Maraboli

How will you change the world—The Power of One. Award winning philanthropist Steve Maraboli shares ideas for taking simple steps of action to make your world, this world, a better place. The positive impact that simple gestures can have in our homes, our communities, and globally is immeasurable. Join Eldon and Steve for a discussion about the power of one!   To learn more about Steve Maraboli, please visit   To purchase The Power of One, please click here.   ...

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