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2013, 12/18 – Shealy Wellness with Dr. Norm Shealy

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is President of Holos Institutes of Health, Inc, a 501-C-3 organization, focusing on holistic research, education and education. He was founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978. He was founding President of Holos University Graduate Seminary and is now Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine. He has 12 patents in the field of Energy Medicine, has published 28 books and over 300 articles. Dr. Shealy began using acupuncture in 1966 and added electrical ...

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2013, 12/11 – Shifting Consciousness with Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor is an international speaker, counselor, and consultant who lectures throughout the world on the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. In this interview, Sandy will be talking about her own personal transformation and revealing some easy techniques for you to shift your consciousness and get more immediate and dynamic results. For more than 25 years, Sandra has been a counselor in a private psychology practice, working with individuals and couples in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction, ...

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2013, 12/04 – Body Ecology with Donna Gates

Donna Gates has been about 25yrs ahead of both medicine and mainstream understanding of health/root issues of most common health problems. Doctors and scientists now are using terms she coined 20yrs ago and the marketplace is being flooded (and billions being made) with diets and products that are built on all of Donna’s years of research (unfortunately without referencing any of Donna’s work). Donna’s contributions to the autism movement over the last 8 yrs have been absorbed into the regular ...

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2013, 11/27 – One Mind with Larry Dossey

Through engaging stories, fascinating case studies, and brilliant insights from great thinkers throughout history, One Mind explores the outer reaches of human consciousness. In it, you will discover a new way to interpret the great mysteries of our experience and learn how to develop the empathy necessary to engender more love, peace, and collective awareness. The result is a rich new understanding of what it means to be human and a renewed hope that we can successfully confront the challenges ...

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2013, 11/20 – Write Your Juice, Live Your Joy! with Lisa McCourt

Lisa McCourt coaches writers, creatives, and other joy-seekers who are ready to substantially up-level their success in work and in life. Author of Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, Lisa has published 37 books that have sold over six million copies, won seven publishing awards, and gone into 11 languages. They span all genres – fiction, non-fiction, children’s, adult, and most recently, personal development with Hay House. An award-winning editorial director and publishing exec, Lisa ...

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2013, 11/13 – Your Amazing Power in Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace is an internationally known healer, author and actress best known for her portrayal of the mother in Steven Spielberg’s academy award winning movie ET. Dee has spent the last 2 decades developing a remarkable healing model designed to work deeply in the core energy systems of the psyche to encourage profound yet instant release. This channeled information has helped heal AIDS, hormonal imbalance, depression, thyroid dysfunction and migraines among other dis-eases. Clients experience profound happiness, awakening and financial ...

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2013, 11/06 – On The Edge of Reality with Colin Andrews

Eldon’s guest this week will be Colin Andrews, a veteran researcher of unusual phenomena. Since 1983 he has supplied the public and British government with pioneering research. Colin is known around the world for his ground-breaking work with Crop Circles (a term he coined), UFO and Consciousness Research. He has recently attracted international attention with his discovery of the radar anomalies in Australia, subsequently confounding the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Colin has appeared in over 100 television documentaries including productions ...

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2013, 10/07 Choices and Illusions with Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor is an award winning, New York Times best selling author of over 300 books, audio, and video programs. He is the inventor of the patented InnerTalk technology and the founder and President of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. He has been called a “master of the mind” and has appeared as an expert witness on both hypnosis and subliminal communication. Eldon was a practicing criminalist for many years specializing in the detection of deception and forensic hypnosis. Eldon is ...

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