2013, 11/20 – Write Your Juice, Live Your Joy! with Lisa McCourt

Lisa McCourtLisa McCourt coaches writers, creatives, and other joy-seekers who are ready to substantially up-level their success in work and in life. Author of Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, Lisa has published 37 books that have sold over six million copies, won seven publishing awards, and gone into 11 languages. They span all genres – fiction, non-fiction, children’s, adult, and most recently, personal development with Hay House. An award-winning editorial director and publishing exec, Lisa has taught creativity for over a decade and is a popular speaker at both writing conferences and self-growth events. Her expertise in this unique blend of skill-sets makes her a one-of-a-kind facilitator for ushering your dreams into juicy fruition.


To learn more about Lisa and her work, please visit: www.LisaMcCourt.com


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Write Your Juice, Live Your Joy! Course

Program Price $299.00, Special Event Price: $99.00


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Whether you’ve thought about writing before or not, this course will show you how to use writing as a tool for accessing your deepest truth and your most joyful, authentic self!

Maybe you’re already a professional published author . . . or maybe you’re a novice with a story inside you begging to be birthed. Maybe you’ve never even considered writing, but just want to do some meaningful soul spelunking! Whether you’re writing just for you, writing for marketing purposes, or you want write fiction or non-fiction, adult or children’s lit, e-books, how-to articles, or hardcover page-turners… this remarkable course will give you everything you need to bring your dreams to juicy fruition. Spend twelve months with Lisa in your cozy home learning the unbelievably simple strategies for powerful, authentic writing that nurtures you and evolves your soul at the same time.

Maybe you want to distinguish yourself as an expert in your field . . . spread word of your product or services… or exponentially expand your following. Learning these deceivingly simple writing techniques will allow you to develop instant credibility for skyrocketing your success! When you become an “author,” of a book, short e-book, blog, or even just a few well-placed articles, you become an authority within your area of expertise.

In addition to the four downloadable classes and homework assignments, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Lisa personally on monthly group coaching calls for a full year. You’ll get all your questions answered, be kept up to date with the latest industry news, and interact with myriad experts Lisa brings in to address specific related topics with you.


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