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2017, 12/21 – Momma Santa Clause with Eldon and Ravinder Taylor

It’s Christmas and this show is all about the spirit of giving. As such, Eldon and Ravinder will be giving InnerTalk programs to all callers. Ravinder is Momma Santa Clause during this hour, and hour dedicated to assisting our listening audience with their cares and concerns. Phone in during the show and tell us what area of your life you would like to work on, and get your free InnerTalk program to assist you in your endeavor. From prosperity to ...

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2017, 12/14 – The Meaning of Christmas with Professor Amy-Jill Levine

Professor Levine is an internationally recognized expert in Biblical studies, Jewish/Christian relations, and the Bible, gender, and sexuality. She works in biblical studies broadly, with special interest in Jewish-Christian relations, Jesus and the Gospels, the roles of women, gender, and sexuality in biblical texts, and the relationship between history (what happened, as best as events can be reconstructed) and interpretation (how have texts been understood over time). University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, Mary Jane Werthan Professor of ...

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2017, 10/19 – The Psychology of Compassion and Cruelty with Professor Thomas Plante

This thoughtful book brings together some of the best psychological and spiritual thinkers to ponder evidence-based reflections about the development and nurturance of compassion. * Illustrates how compassion is learned and reinforced * Features leading experts from multiple fields and parts of the world * Reflects on how to maximize compassion and minimize cruelty * Includes factors that contribute to both compassionate and cruel behavior. Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., ABPP is the Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J. University Professor and directs ...

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2017, 10/12 – The Seventh Sense with Joshua Cooper Ramo

Joshua Cooper Ramo is co-CEO of Kissinger Associates, The Advisory Firm of Former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger. Malcolm Gladwell said this about the Seventh Sense, “The next president needs to read The Seventh Sense, starting on the morning of November 9th. Joshua Ramo’s latest book is a fascinating guide to the way the world is changing.” At once a great interpreter of the past to illuminate the future while at the same time a cipher for events ...

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2017, 10/05 – The Role of Self-Preservation in Self-Destructive Behaviors

Everyone has hopes and goals and dreams, and most people believe that it just takes hard work and dedication to achieve them. What they don’t realize is that most of the time, there is an internal self-destructive script that actively works prevent the achievement of their stated goals, and that the harder they work to achieve success, the harder this ‘script’ works to trip them up. Today, Ravinder will be interviewing Eldon on the role self preservation plays in self-destructive ...

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2017, 09/28 – Technocracy in America with Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna is a leading global strategist, world traveler, and best-selling author. He is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre on Asia and Globalisation at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. He is also the Managing Partner of Hybrid Reality, a boutique geostrategic advisory firm, and Co-Founder & CEO of Factotum, a leading content branding agency. Parag’s latest book is Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State (2017). He is author ...

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2017, 09/14 – The Confidence Gap with Russ Harris

Russ Harris offers a surprising solution to low self-confidence, shyness, and insecurity: Rather than trying to “get over” our fears, he says, the secret is to form a new and wiser relationship with them. Paradoxically, it’s only when we stop struggling against our fearfulness that we begin to find lasting freedom from it. Drawing on the techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a cutting-edge form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, The Confidence Gap explains how to correct perspectives. Russ Harris is ...

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2017, 09/07 – Insight: Why We’re Not As Self-Aware As We Might Think

Photo Credit: Elena Siebert In her new book, Insight, Dr. Tasha Eurich explains why we are so much less self-aware than we think—and what to do about it. The problem, she says, stems from the fact that we are defining self-awareness all wrong. Most people assume that self-awareness means understanding our inner selves. But contrary to popular belief, knowing ourselves isn’t just about being in touch with who we are on the inside. To be self-aware, we also need a ...

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