2013, 12/04 – Body Ecology with Donna Gates

Donna GatesDonna Gates has been about 25yrs ahead of both medicine and mainstream understanding of health/root issues of most common health problems. Doctors and scientists now are using terms she coined 20yrs ago and the marketplace is being flooded (and billions being made) with diets and products that are built on all of Donna’s years of research (unfortunately without referencing any of Donna’s work). Donna’s contributions to the autism movement over the last 8 yrs have been absorbed into the regular protocols now promoted by all the major autism doctors(mainly without Donna being credited). Throughout all her years, she has continued to be a visionary and look forward to put together the pieces of the puzzle of our health issues in a way that others aren’t in order to achieve her mission of changing the way the world eats to create a happier and healthier world. She has created a lifestyle with worldwide followers and many of her clients have seen miraculous recoveries–examples-a gentleman with brain tumors that disappeared, infertile women having healthy babies, children’s autism being fully reversed.


To learn more about Donna Gates and her work, please visit: bodyecology.com/aboutdonna


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Body Ecology with Donna Gates


Limited Time Special Offer Package from Donna Gates

Only $97 – Order Here.

1) Growing Younger Audio Training – 15 Lectures by Leading Longevity Experts on 12 CDs (By Mail) Value $97

Beat aging the healthy way in this informative and engaging CD set featuring the world’s most renowned experts on the topic of Growing Younger:

  • Donna Gates – Discover the Secrets to Why We Age — And How You Can Erase the Years Tomorrow
  • Donna Gates – Make Over Your Body and Vitality by Eating to Age Backwards
  • Dr. Leonard Smith and Donna Gates – Tap Into the Scientifically Proven Technique to Become Biologically Younger
  • Dr. Darren Weissman – Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Stop Illness
  • David Wolfe – How to Flip the Switch from Stress to Calm and Accelerate Recovery
  • Dr. Hyla Cass – Innovative Breakthroughs to Boost Your Mood and Sharpen Your Mind
  • Dr. Karlis Ullis, M.D. – The Right Type of Exercise and Why Most People Don’t Know It
  • Truth Calkins – Elevate Your Energy: Effective Ways to Awaken Your Drive
  • George Lamoureux – Experience the Revitalizing Benefits of Superior Chinese Tonic Herbs
  • Merle Morgan-Grainge – Harness the Ancient Secrets of Chi Gong: The Way to Rejuvenation
  • Dr. Leonard Smith and Donna Gates – Probiotics to Turn Back the Clock
  • Ray Cralle – Alleviate Pain and Overcome Injuries: The Tremendous Power of Oxygen
  • Dr. Taisuke Jo – Understanding the Aging Agent: The Toxic Truth Hidden in Our Food
  • Judith A. Smith – Restore Cellular Health: The Pioneering Approach to Regeneration
  • Lee Gerdes – Brittle Brain: Using the Latest in Brain Wave Optimization to Heal

2) The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger Book (By Mail) Value $15.95

This book provides a blueprint for restoring a vital friendship with our bodies and, in turn, renewing our bond with the earth. It shows us how we can live fuller, healthier, more meaningful lives. A fascinating blend of cutting-edge medical information, practical health advice, and spiritual wisdom, Body Ecology’s Guide to Growing Younger is relevant for people of any age. Written by Donna Gates — the originator of Body Ecology, a world-renowned system of healing — this long-awaited book suggests that we don’t simply have to age gracefully, we can age with panache.

What’s Inside This Groundbreaking Book:

  • Anti-aging remedies that will make you feel and look younger
  • The missing piece to all traditional diet programs
  • Insight into why we age and how we can prevent it
  • Little-known wellness secrets that address the stresses and pressures of our modern world
  • Ways to apply Body Ecology’s seven universal principles to the health challenges associated with aging
  • Superfood recommendations for increased energy, vitality, and disease prevention

3) Growing Younger: Beauty Secrets DVD (By Mail) Value: $15.95

Description: Learn powerful anti-aging secrets for looking 10 years younger! Donna Gates and special guests–women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s–reveal beauty and anti-aging tips that will bring immediate results!

  • Learn what the beauty industry does not want you to know.
  • Learn holistic secrets to looking young and beautiful at any age.
  • Learn the best skin care, hair care, and body care tips that will erase years from your real age.
  • Learn the beauty products to avoid because they actually make your skin age faster.
  • Learn how to cleanse the liver for radiant skin.
  • Learn how to reverse grey hair and keep your natural color.

4) Growing Younger: Detox and Energy Audio Program Value $45.95 (Audio Downloads)

This 5 lecture set contains amazing steps to cleansing toxins, rebuilding your digestive power, and overcoming fatigue.

  • Establishing the Foundation for Wellness: Steps to strengthen your digestive system and stop treating symptoms.
  • Saying Goodbye to Weight Gain, Fatigue, and Hormonal Imbalance: How are unexplained weight problems, sugar cravings, fatigue, hormone imbalances, and low libido are connected and what you should do about it.
  • Addressing Digestive Disorders and Leaky Gut: Steps to alleviating post meal tiredness and bloating, food allergies, mood imbalance, and migranes.
  • Cleansing Those Nasty Toxins: Why are most detox programs unhealthy and what you can do promote your body’s natural and healthy cleansing process.
  • Introducing Fermented Foods: How to incorporate these ultimate superfoods and why they are a crucial step to balancing your immune system, digestive tract, and mood.


5) Body Ecology Meal Plans 1 Year Subscription (Weekly PDF Downloads) Value: $126

  • 3 Delicious Dinner Menus & Bonus Recipes
  • Properly Food Combined for Optimal Digestion
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Cooking Tips that Save You Time and Money
  • Perfect for Busy Families


Limited Time Special Offer Package from Donna Gates

Only $97 – Order Here.


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