2013, 12/11 – Shifting Consciousness with Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor is an international speaker, counselor, and consultant who lectures throughout the world on the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. In this interview, Sandy will be talking about her own personal transformation and revealing some easy techniques for you to shift your consciousness and get more immediate and dynamic results. For more than 25 years, Sandra has been a counselor in a private psychology practice, working with individuals and couples in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationship issues. Her Quantum Life Coaching program offers powerful techniques for connecting spirit, mind, and manifestation. Her multidimensional approach brings exceptional clarity and practicality to the science of whole-life healing and personal achievement.


To learn more about Sandra Anne Taylor and her work, please visit: www.sandrataylor.net


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Sandra Anne Taylor will be offering these MP3 downloads of life-changing guided visualizations and meditations:


From the ACT TO ATTRACT audio CD

  1. Your Sacred Identity. This guided meditation creates profound peace and powerful vibration by connecting you with Divine Consciousness, the source of all Universal love and blessings.
  2. Morning and Evening Affirmations. Intentions of belief and optimism to create a positive energy that carries you through the day ahead. Calming statements to reinforce positive energies for the evening.
  3. Attracting Love. This guided visualization brings out the highest, most magnetic energies of your higher self, projecting irresistible vibrations for love and romance.


  1. Planting Your Destiny Garden. One of Sandra Taylor’s most popular visualizations that helps you plant the seeds of your desire throughout your life and the world.
  2. Attracting Success. This process will allow you to project the highest, most magnetic energy of your soul or higher self.
  3. Mystic Journey. Beautiful music for any meditation


  1. Power Chakra Clearing:  This process uses the power of divine consciousness and angelic assistance to clear difficult issues that may still be stuck in the energy centers of your body.  Open your chakras and your life to abundant health and wealth.
  2. Clearing the Road Ahead:  This process is designed to eliminate the obstacles on your road to happiness and real achievement – and to open the way to your highest power and ultimate success.
  3. Rescripting Beliefs for Truth and Self Empowerment:  When you release and rewrite your old limiting beliefs, you will send clear and positive messages to the universe that you believe in yourself and in your power to create great things.


  1. Relaxation & Memory Release: This process provides a deep, whole body relaxation that increases tranquility and brings a peaceful sense of well being.
  2. Cellular Regression: This process is designed to help speed up healing by first regressing your cells back to before they experienced their trauma, then further back to their Divine consciousness, the pure and healthy source of their being.
  3. In the Light of Healing: Discover the messages that your body is sharing with you through this insightful visualization. (by Sharon Anne Klingler)

The following MP3 downloads by Sharon Anne Klingler will be included:

From the OPENINGS audio CD

  1. Opening the Door: Connecting To Spirit. A meditation that allows you to build a greater experience of trust in your work with your spirit guides; to know them more intimately; and to understand your purposes with them.
  2. Windows to the Soul: Your Spirit’s Heart and Intuition. A visualization process that helps you connect with the ultimate source of guidance in your life – your higher self, your intuition, your soul.
  3. Who’s There? Identifying Spirit. Learn the cues and clues that your spirit guides use to introduce themselves to you in this dynamic guided imagery process.


  1. Transform and Heal with the Archangels Raphael and Uriel: Watch and feel as the angel of healing and the angel of light lift your energy.
  2. Healing with Your Loved Ones in Spirit: Open yourself to the embrace of your spirit friends and family. Some may seek forgiveness. Some may seek to heal or help. Discover whom. Discover how!
  3. Enlightenment with the Prophets of the East: Even Buddha, Confucious and Lao Tsu make themselves available to help you as in times of old.


  1. Evolution Through Karma: How does karma work? And who do we return to the physical world again and again? In this lecture recorded in Sydney, Australia, Sharon answers these questions and shares the theories of karma and the principles of reincarnation to allow you to understand just how much your past influences your future.
  2. Your Past Life Regression: Who were you in your previous incarnations? You might be surprised — so many histories, so many lives! Take yourself back, now, and fully experience your past lives through this guided regression technique. It is a new journey to many old times!

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