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2012, 08/14 – What Is Consciousness with Eva Herr

Does the presence of sensate awareness, cognitive awareness, and self-awareness assure that consciousness is active? Are these attributes of consciousness?Are they signifiers of consciousness? What iS the nature of consciousness; do we have free will? What are the differences between mind and brain, energy and physicalobjects, and the body and the soul? To learn more about Eva Herr, please visit: To purchase Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics, please click ...

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2012, 08/07 – Voice of the Soul – 11:11 with Simran Singh

Author and radio host, Simran Singh joins Eldon to discuss her award winning publication, radio show and passion—to provide resources, wisdom and creative expression through vehicles that support the growth and evolution of consciousness on the planet. To learn more about Simran Singh and her work, please visit: To view the current 11:11 magazine, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2012, 07/31 – Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons From a Life in Acting with Dee Wallace

Like you, Dee Wallace came in as a bright shiny light, and she knew from the beginning that her soul quest was to keep that light shining and share it with others. Dee Wallace has rediscovered the wisdom that we all know but forget. Join us and learn what that wisdom is. To learn more about Dee Wallace and her work, please visit: To purchase Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting, please click here. Download or ...

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2012, 07/24 – Ghosts, Spirits and Hauntings with Robert Curran

Bob Curran joins Eldon to discuss the problem with poltergeists and other paranormal phenomena. Bob is the author of many books including Vampires, Encyclopedia of the Undead, Walking with the Green Man, Celtic Lore and Legend, and Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms. Don’t miss this show! To learn more about Bob Curran and his work, please visit To purchase Vampires: A Field Guide to the Creatures That Stalk the Night, please click here. To purchase Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms, please click here. ...

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2012, 07/17 – What If with Eldon and Ravinder

“If” is a pivotal word when it comes to reviewing who we are, what and why we have done as we have, where we wish to be and what we choose to become.  What if you awoke tomorrow with amnesia?  Who would you be? Are we only biological units with stored memory and that’s our identity? To learn more about InnerTalk, please visit To learn more about the special offer for the paperback release of What If?, please click ...

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2012, 07/10 – The Real Men in Black with Nick Redfern

Author Nick Redfern will discuss his newest book, The Real Men In Black, where he delves into the mysterious world of these mysterious operatives. He reveals their origins and discusses classic cases, previously unknown reports, secret government files, and the many theories that have been presented to explain the mystery. To learn more about Nick Redfern and his work, please visit To purchase The Pyramids and the Pentagon, please click here. To purchase The Real Men in Black, please click ...

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2012, 07/03 – Interpreting Your Dreams with Dr. Gillian Holloway

Dr. Gillian Holloway returns to the show to speak about the deep inner meaning behind dreams. Why we have reoccurring dreams, why nightmare images are so haunting, when dreams may be pre-cognitive and more. Bring your dream to the show and plan on calling in. To learn more about Gillian Holloway, please visit, To purchase The Complete Dream Book, please click here. To purchase The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2012, 06/26 – Afterlife Explorers with Michael Tymn

Join Eldon and author Michael Tymn for an investigation examining the pioneers of psychical research and the diversity within the field. What’s behind death’s door and is it the same for all? What attracted the great scientists of the time and why doesn’t it have the same scientific appeal today? To learn more about Michael Tymn and his work, please visit  To purchase The Afterlife Explorers, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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