2016, 06/23 – Messages of Hope with Richard Rowland

Richard RowlandRichard Rowland is the author of the new book, “Unspoken Messages.” I loved the book and encouraged him to find a publisher. Bernie Siegel had this to say about his new book, “Richard is what I call a survivor and his words can teach us to be survivors too. He is a wounded healer, ready to serve.” He is a two-tour veteran of the Vietnam War who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer related to exposure to Dioxin (commonly known as Agent Orange). He is also a retired Sergeant from the Kentucky State Police following a 28-year career in law enforcement.”

Unspoken Messages, is a book about Hope…simply hope. It is a road map for how to live beyond medical expert expectations when you receive an end of life diagnosis. It is about a birth of spirituality in a person that had been living in a black and white, right and wrong, science proven or non-existent world. The book is in two parts with part one being ten short stories or descriptive occurrences revolving around animals which will make you question coincidence. Part two is a journey or road map that shows you how Richard traveled through an end of life diagnosis to a place of peace.


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