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2018, 11/22 – Encore: Modern Machiavelli: 13 Laws of Power, Persuasion and Integrity with author, Phil Eager

The book, “Modern Machiavelli,” claims to teach you smart, social tactics to advance your career and improve your relationships. This book explains how to successfully manage conflict, influence others, and understand the overt and covert dynamics of interpersonal power. It challenges false but commonly held beliefs that undermine personal and career success. Master the unwritten rules of the social game that few understand. “Modern Machiavelli” offers a wonder new construct on how to behave and succeed in this modern age. ...

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2018, 11/15 – Mindful Compassion with Professor Paul Gilbert

Mindful Compassion: How the Science of Compassion Can Help You Understand Your Emotions, Live in the Present, and Connect Deeply with Others is a story that will transform your mind, cultivate compassion, stability, self-confidence, and well-being. Therapists have long been aware of mindfulness as a powerful attention skill that can help us live with greater clarity and awareness—but mindfulness alone is not enough to completely change the way a brain works. Learn the secrets in this show. Paul Gilbert, PhD, ...

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2018, 11/08 – Supernatural: Death, Meaning, and the Power of the Invisible World

Professor Clay Routledge joins Eldon to discuss the existential nature of human beings. We are all fully aware of our fragility, transience, and potential cosmic insignificance. Our ability to ponder the big questions about death and meaning and the anxiety that these questions can provoke have motivated us to be a species not only concerned about survival, but also about our significance. Supernatural is a book of apparent contradictions, insightfully reconciled. Dr. Clay Routledge is an author, psychological scientist, consultant, ...

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2018, 11/01 – Are you in the Silver Tsunami? With attorney Michael Lasky

What to do? If you own a business, you probably figure you will be able to sell it someday for a tidy sum. The problem is that you have about a 5% chance of selling if you didn’t plan for the sale years ago. It is believed that over the next 10 years, a trillion dollars’ worth of businesses will be up for sale. Mostly by boomers who want out. Most of these businesses will shut their doors without any ...

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2018, 10/25 – The Soul Fallacy with Julien Musolino

Most Americans believe they possess an immaterial soul that will survive the death of the body. In sharp contrast, the current scientific consensus rejects the traditional soul, although this conclusion is rarely discussed publicly. In this book, a cognitive scientist breaks the taboo and explains why modern science leads to this controversial conclusion. In doing so, the book reveals the truly astonishing scope and power of scientific inquiry, drawing on ideas from biology, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and the physical sciences. ...

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2018, 10/18 – The Premonition Code with Julia Mossbridge MA, PhD

Receiving accurate information about future events is neither unscientific or uncommon. Written by an award-winning scientist and a mystic, this book documents the scientific, spiritual and practical aspects of precognition — going beyond the usual “gee whiz!” approach and instead providing fodder for a worldwide shift in how we think of time, our lives, and each other. Julia Mossbridge MA, PhD is a futurist trained in cognitive neuroscience. She is a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and ...

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2018, 10/11 – Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do with Professor John Bargh

For the past 35 years we have studied unconscious mental processes scientifically, how they operate and influence the average person, which paints a very different picture from Freud’s version which was based on a handful of mentally ill individuals. This is the first time in human history we have a systematic and scientific understanding of how our hidden mind works. John Bargh, PhD is a social and cognitive psychologist and the world’s leading expert on the unconscious mind. He is ...

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2018, 10/04 – Finding Purpose in a Godless World with Ralph Lewis

Ralph Lewis, MD, joins Eldon for a discussion setting theistic beliefs against the atheistic perspective. In his newest book, Finding Purpose in a Godless World, Lewis argues that religious beliefs are not necessary, indeed often even foolish, to find true meaning and purpose in life. He uses scientific findings to suggest how mind emerges from brain, how religious notions often disappoint believers, how evolution explains life itself, and more. Dr. Lewis obtained his medical degree in 1990 at the University ...

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