2020, 12/14 – Scavengers of Beauty by Philippe Sibaud

Philippe Sibaud

Why was the mission to the Moon named after the God of the Sun, and not after a Moon Goddess or God? In this unconventional work, Philippe Sibaud explores the symbolism behind the 1969 landing on the Moon. More than fifty years after this seminal event, and whilst the Moon is attracting renewed interest, the author offers a bold new interpretation of the iconic Apollo mission. Was the Apollo landing the ultimate triumph of solar consciousness over the ancient lunar ways, a concrete enactment of the god Apollo mythically slaying the mother dragon at Delphi, or can the whole venture be seen as the sacred union of Sun and Moon, birthing a new vision at a time of great need? By weaving his own personal story with a greater cultural and symbolic narrative, Philippe Sibaud invites us to reflect on the importance of myths and the power of the Imagination to unlock the deeper meaning of our individual and collective experiences. You will never look at the Moon with the same eyes again.

Philippe is a Trustee and a writer for the Gaia Foundation, an international London-based NGO which has been working for 35 years with indigenous people to uphold Earth-centred perspectives. He co-runs Umunthu Microfinance, an NGO that he set up in 2010 to provide small-scale loans to disadvantaged women in Malawi (currently 1,000 clients). He holds an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred (with Distinction) from Canterbury Christ Church University and has been a dedicated student of astrology for many a solar return. He was born at night under a crisp February Full Moon.

To contact Philippe Sibaud, email scavengersofbeauty@gmail.com

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