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2018, 09/06 – Everybody Lies with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

How much sex are people really having? How many Americans are actually racist? Is America experiencing a hidden back-alley abortion crisis? Can you game the stock market? Does violent entertainment increase the rate of violent crime? Do parents treat sons differently from daughters? How many people actually read the books they buy? In this groundbreaking work, Stephens-Davidowitz, a Harvard-trained economist and former Google data scientist, argues that much of what we thought about people has been dead wrong. The reason? ...

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2018, 08/30 – Real Magic with Dr. Dean Radin

Filled with fascinating facts and intriguing ideas, Real Magic places the laboratory findings from parapsychology in the broader context of centuries of magic practices. This wholly original work then points toward new understandings of reality that can no longer be ignored. Real Magic will be known as one of the few real paradigm-changing works of science. Dean Radin, PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California ...

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2018, 08/23 – Encore: Purpose and Desire in Biology

Professor Scott Turner will discuss his latest work and new book that argues evolution is a cognitively driven phenomenon, and this has put him at odds with the prevailing Darwinism of modern biology. Championed by intelligent design groups while antagonizing certain evolution focused biologists, this show promises to be both informative and provocative. J Scott Turner is a physiologist, an evolutionist and a Professor of Biology at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He ...

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2018, 08/16 – Encore: The Human Instinct with Professor Ken Miller

Ken Miller is well known as a public defender of evolution, and have written two popular books on the subject: Finding Darwin’s God (A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution) and Only a Theory (Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul). His new book, The Human Instinct (How We Evolved to Have Reason, Consciousness, and Free Will. Ken Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University in Providence, RI. He is a cell biologist who has also ...

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2018, 08/09 – Encore: The Jealousy Cure with Dr. Robert L. Leahy

Could jealousy be a positive thing? In this groundbreaking book, Robert L. Leahy—author of the hugely popular self-help guide, The Worry Cure—invites you to gain a greater understanding of your jealous feelings, keep jealousy from hijacking your life, and create healthier relationships. Robert L. Leahy, PhD, is the Director of The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York City and Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Weill-Cornell Medical College. He is the author or editor of twenty-six books, ...

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2018, 08/02 – Truth: How Many Sides to Every Story Shape Our Reality with author Hector Macdonald

We like to think that there is a clear distinction between true and false. The reality is far murkier. Truth can be spun in the names used, the context applied, the omissions committed, the framing deployed and many other ways. “Truth” can look vey different to different people. Macdonald explains how these so-called “competing truths” are used both constructively and misleadingly by businesses, media, politicians, advertisers, and even regular people having regular conversations. Hector Macdonald is an expert in business ...

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2018, 07/26 – The Good Brand: How Companies Create Valuable Brands

How to create a valuable business which is attractive to an investor or buyer with attorney Michael Lasky. “Truly great companies have one thing in common: they have extraordinarily valuable brands. Regardless of size, all companies are capable of becoming far more valuable if they concentrate on brand building as a fundamental, not optional, part of their business plan,” writes Lasky. Brands can influence you much more than you might think. Be sure to join us for this show! Michael ...

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2018, 07/19 – Intellectual Humility with Dr. Ian Church

The first research-cluster focuses on motivating and developing new non-reductive models of knowledge and includes projects on the nature of luck, fallibilism, and the epistemic import of peer disagreement. The second research cluster focuses on the methodologies and implications of psychology and includes projects on the nature of intellectual virtues in light of heuristics and biases, the epistemic implications of cognitive science, and the philosophical psychology of intellectual virtues. Dr. Church is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hillsdale College. ...

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