2018, 04/26 – Synesthesia (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series) with Richard Cytowic

Richard CytowicOne in twenty-three people carry the genes for the synesthesia. Not a disorder but a neurological trait — like perfect pitch — synesthesia creates vividly felt cross-sensory couplings. A synesthete might hear a voice and at the same time see it as a color or shape, taste its distinctive flavor, or feel it as a physical touch. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Richard Cytowic, the expert who returned synesthesia to mainstream science after decades of oblivion, offers a concise, accessible primer on this fascinating human experience.

Richard E. Cytowic, MD, MFA trained in neurology, neuropsychology, and ophthalmology at Duke University, Wake Forest, London’s National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, and George Washington University before founding Capitol Neurology, a private clinic in Washington DC. He is currently Professor of Neurology at GW University.


To learn more about Richard Cytowic, visit www.cytowic.net

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