2015, 07/15 – In The Light of Death with Ineke Koedam

Ineke KoedamIneke Koedam is a guide in death and bereavement. She researched deathbed phenomena, so-called ‘end-of-life experiences’ in The Netherlands. Ineke is author of In the Light of Death, experiences on the Threshold between Life and Death. Having learned from all those who experienced near-death (NDE) it is time we became more sensitive to the dying process. In the nearness of the dying we may catch a glimpse of alternate realms. It will most likely broaden our consciousness and may completely change our vision on life and death.

After a career in business Ineke Koedam came in 2000 to a turning-point in her life. After a shortened study at the University of Humanistic Studies she started her own practice in 2003 Weerschijn, for dying and bereavement’. Subsequently, she worked as a volunteer and coordinator at Hospice De Vier Vogels in Rotterdam. She explored the ideas of Elisabeth Kübler – Ross and Christine Longaker and finds it most important ‘to have the inner self in order’. This is something she keeps working on through meditation, periodic retreats and inner schooling.

To learn more about Ineke Koedam, visit www.inekekoedam.com.

To get your copy of In the Light of Death, please click here.


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