2014, 04/09 – Forbidden Archeology with Michael Cremo

Michael Cremo is hailed as a ground breaking research pioneer and international authority on archeological anomalies. His landmark best seller, Forbidden Archeology, first published in 1993, and already translated into 26 languages, challenges the very foundation of Darwinian evolution. Michael continues to dig up enigmatic discoveries in the fossil record and shake up accepted paradigms, exploring famous archeological sites around the world, journeying to sacred places in India, appearing on national television shows in the United States or other countries, lecturing at mainstream science conferences, or speaking to alternative gatherings of global intelligentsia. As he crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on the nature of reality. Michael Cremo is a member of the World Archeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists, as well as a research associate in history and philosophy of science for the Bhaktivedanta Institute.

To learn more about Michael Cremo and his work, please visit: www.mcremo.com 

To get your copy of Forbidden Archeology, please click here.


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