2014, 03/26 – 47 Billion Years of Evolution with Elaine Heiby, John L. Turner and Michael Tymn

Elaine Heiby

Join Eldon as he speaks with Elaine Heiby, editor of 47 Billion Years of Evolution: A Case Report – Physical and Spiritual Development of Humankind. Elaine has been a professor of clinical psychology and a licensed psychologist for over 30 years in Honolulu. She has written over 100 scholarly publications. In recent years, her research interests have included the integration of quantum physics as an explanatory mechanism for human experiences that are generally labeled as spiritual or psychic.

47 Billion Years of Evolution was written by registered nurse and licensed psychologist, Marti Barham, who passed away earlier this year. From 1972–2003, Mari participated in Darkroom sessions where she and about 15 others interacted with two materialized entities for two-hour sessions at least twice a week. Her husband served as the channel. He lay down, went into a trance, and did not speak. The entities used their own voice apparatus. There was just enough light in the room to see the form of the entities. During one session, there was enough light for photographs, which are reproduced on the Facebook page Evolution and Spirituality.

47 Billion Years of Evolution is Marti’s third book relaying quotes from theses materialized entities, and exploring humankind’s journey through spiritual, intellectual and emotional evolution before arriving at a final point of how people today can reconnect with their inherent spiritual natures.

Joining Eldon and Elaine for this incredible discussion are Dr. John L. Turner and Michael Tymn. Dr. Turner, neurosurgeon, spiritual seeker and a frequent guest on Provocative Enlightenment was so impressed with 47 Billion Years of Evolution that he offered to write the foreword. Michael Tymn, also a previous guest on Provocative Enlightenment, has devoted much time to the study of psychical research over the past two decades and has found strong evidence for the survival of consciousness and a more intelligent afterlife than that provided by orthodox religion.

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