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2020, 05/04 – Know Thyself with Prof. Mitchell Green

Know Thyself: The Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge takes the reader on tour of the nature, value, and limits of self-knowledge. Mitchell S. Green calls on classical sources like Plato and Descartes, 20th-century thinkers like Freud, recent developments in neuroscience and experimental psychology, and even Buddhist philosophy to explore topics at the heart of who we are. The result is an unvarnished look at both the achievements and drawbacks of the many attempts to better know one’s own self. To learn ...

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2020, 04/27 – Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal with author Brian Allan

In Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal, researcher Brian Allan presents a fascinating smorgasbord of information relating to paranormal phenomena with the intention of demonstrating once and for all, that a separate reality exists alongside our own and does interact with us, including recent events involving approved séances in the Vatican and a demonic infestation in Seattle. To learn more about Brian Allan and his work, visit To get your copy of Project Phenomena, please visit our affiliate link. ...

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2020, 04/20 – Healing with Spiritual Practices: Proven Techniques for Disorders from Addictions and Anxiety to Cancer and Chronic Pain

Professor Thomas Plante joins us to share the proven techniques developed for disorders from addictions and anxiety to cancer and chronic pain relief. Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., is professor of psychology, and by courtesy, religious studies at Santa Clara University and directs the Applied Spirituality Institute there. He is also an adjunct clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. To learn more about Thomas Plante and his work, visit  To get your copy ...

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2020, 04/13 – Practical Stoicism: 10 Practical Steps to Embrace Ancient Stoic Philosophy in Today’s Modern World & Design a Life of Wisdom, Perseverance and Joy!

Professor William Ferraiolo joins us to flesh out his 10 Practical Steps to Embrace Ancient Stoic Philosophy in Today’s Modern World & Design a Life of Wisdom, Perseverance and Joy! THE PRACTICAL STOICISM is your step-by-step essential guide to teach you this ancient yet effective philosophy to help you selectively design your life full of wisdom and joy, while persevering in the face of toughest situations and adversities. William Ferraiolo received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma ...

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2020, 04/06 – The Unconscious: Its centrality in human functioning with Prof. Joel Weinberger

The Unconscious synthesizes the best scientific and clinical thinking about the range of unconscious processes that control our thoughts, feelings, motivation, and behavior. The data shows conclusively that the unconscious is integral to all conscious processes. If understanding yourself is important to you, then you will not want to miss this show! Joel Weinberger, Ph.D., is author of The Unconscious:  Theory, Research and Clinical Implications, published by Guilford Press.  His blogs on the unconscious appear in Psychology Today.  He received the ...

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