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2010, 10/12 – A Journey into Prayer with Bill Sweet

Billions pray about other people. Religious terrorists pray about “you” everyday. Do they pray to heal or to hurt? What does the science say about the influence of prayer? Bill Sweet joins Eldon to discuss his book, A Journey Into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Laboratory. The data speaks! To learn more about Bill Sweet and the research at Sprindrift, please visit, To purchase A Journey Into Prayer, please click here. Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2010, 10/05 – Stimulating the Brain with CES and InnerTalk with Charles McCusker

Dr. Charles McCusker joins Eldon to discuss the use of Cortical Electro Stimulation (CES) for a higher IQ while improving mood states. They will review various outcomes from the combined use of CES and InnerTalk. McCusker is a pioneer in CES research and he has helped many using this technology. To learn more about Dr. Charles McCusker and CES, please visit, Download or Listen to MP3 Archive

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2010, 09/28 – Oh My God with Peter Roger

Documentary filmmaker Peter Roger joins Eldon to discuss his latest provocative film, Oh My God. In every corner of the world, there is one question that can never be definitively answered, yet stirs up equal parts passion, curiosity, self-reflection, and often wild imagination: What is God? To purchased Oh My God, please click here. To learn more about Peter Rodger, please visit, Download or Listen to MP3 Archive 

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2010, 09/21 – The Empowerment Express

Join Eldon, Ravinder and Andrea  for an hour dedicated to an all-new program called “The Empowerment Express. Empowerment in Eldon’s words is the fast track to rediscovering the authentic self. Learn how you can attend a free online seminar presented by Eldon where he addresses how each of us can truly self actualize. To participate in the free online viewing of Mind, Meaning and Mysteries, please click here. To learn more about InnerTalk, please visit, To learn more about Eldon Taylor, please ...

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2010, 09/14 – Catching Up with Lynne McTaggart

Join Eldon and Lynn as they discuss the latest findings based on Lynn’s research and books, The Field and The Intention Experiment.  Learn how your mind’s intention does in fact influence the real world.  Learn more about Zero Point energy and more. Don’t miss this show!   To purchase The Field, please click here. To purchase The Intention Experiment, please click here. To learn more about The Intention Experiment and how you can be involved, please visit To learn more about Lynne McTaggart, please visit Download or Listen ...

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2010, 09/07 – Animal Voices with Dawn Brunke

Can we really talk to animals? Yes! “In the larger expanse of human history, communicating with animals is nothing new. Our ancestors did it. Though, of course, the world was different then. Humans had not yet forgotten. We were still consciously connected to all,” says animal expert Dawn Brunke. Join Eldon as he talks with Dawn in today’s program.  To purchase Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions, please click here. To purchase Animal Voices, Animal Guides, please click here. To purchase Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in ...

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2010, 08/31 – Technology and Mind Training with Eldon Taylor

Join Eldon for a fascinating discussion about the history and power behind the new, and the not so new, mind training technologies. Listen in as he touches on hypnosis, subliminal messages, bio-feedback, drumming, binaural beats, flashing lights, video games, MMORPGs, and more. Hear from Vic Wedel, co-inventor of ultrasound and Joel Huizenja, fMRI and lie detection expert.  To learn more about InnerTalk, please go to To take advantage of the amazing special offer on Eldon’s Self Hypnosis Training Collection, please click ...

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2010, 08/17 – Return to the Sacred with Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

As personal and societal crises continue to rise, people are looking for spiritual answers to serious questions. Many people are not finding the answers they seek in the religious traditions. How can people sort through the vast number of spiritual traditions to find the one that awakens their spirituality? To purchase Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening, please click here. To purchase Inspiration Deficit Disorder: The No-Pill Prescription to End High Stress, Low Energy and Bad Habits, please click here. To learn more ...

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