2018, 02/22 – The Human Instinct with Professor Ken Miller

Ken Miller is well known as a public defender of evolution, and have written two popular books on the subject: Finding Darwin’s God (A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution) and Only a Theory (Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul). His new book, The Human Instinct (How We Evolved to Have Reason, Consciousness, and Free Will). Don’t miss this show and contrast it with our show of Feb 1st. Ken Miller is Professor of Biology at ...

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2018, 02/15 – Love, romance, and friendship in lasting relationships

Eldon and Ravinder will discuss the nature of expectations and their impact on relationships, as well as what it takes to create a lasting relationship that grows stronger instead of weaker over time. Lasting relationships lead to intimate friendships that empower the feelings of love and commitment. Join them for some tips on how to enrich or establish your loving relationships.   To learn more about InnerTalk, visit To get your copy of Enhancing Your Love Relationship, please click ...

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2018, 02/08 – AdrenoScalar and PEMF gamma with Dr. Norman Shealy

Dr. Norman Shealy will discuss his newest research and discovery. Sorin Chakra Sweep PEMF near the head INCREASES gamma activity strikingly! HIGH GAMMA LEVELS are associated with high intelligence, creativity, happiness, compassion, self-control. Just 30 minutes of our PEMF increases brain, mind and body energy. Shealy will share his research findings and discuss the delivery method via scaler wave. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., D. Founder and CEO of International Institute of Holistic Medicine, President of Shealy Wellness, LLC ...

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2018, 02/01 – Purpose and Desire in Biology

Professor Scott Turner will discuss his latest work and new book that argues evolution is a cognitively driven phenomenon, and this has put him at odds with the prevailing Darwinism of modern biology. Championed by intelligent design groups while antagonizing certain evolution focused biologists, this show promises to be both informative and provocative. J Scott Turner is a physiologist, an evolutionist and a Professor of Biology at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He ...

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2018, 01/25 – The Truth Seekers Handbook with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is passionate about promoting truth-oriented behavior, rational thinking, and wise decision-making. He researches these topics as a professor at Ohio State University, and serves as the President of Intentional Insights, a nonprofit devoted to popularizing these topics. Its main current focus is the Pro-Truth Pledge, a project that aims to reverse the tide of lies and promote truth in public discourse through combining behavioral science and crowd-sourcing.   To learn more about Dr. Tsipursky and his work, ...

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2018, 01/18 – Modern Machiavelli with Phil Eager

The book, “Modern Machiavelli,” claims to teach you smart, social tactics to advance your career and improve your relationships. This book explains how to successfully manage conflict, influence others, and understand the overt and covert dynamics of interpersonal power. It challenges false but commonly held beliefs that undermine personal and career success. Master the unwritten rules of the social game that few understand. Philip Eager has a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Bucknell University and a master’s ...

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2018, 01/11 – The Code of Trust with Robin Dreeke

Photo Credit: Erika Fletcher Trust is truly the foundation of leadership, but all too often, leadership advice focuses on how leaders can get what they want. The success of the leader is implicitly prioritized above the success of those being led. Robin Dreeke is out to change all that. In The Code of Trust: An American Counterintelligence Expert’s Five Rules to Lead and Succeed. Dreeke—a former Marine and federal law enforcement professional—lays out his time-tested system that empowers people to ...

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2018, 01/04 – Common Problems with New Year’s Resolutions

A resolution is promise to one’s self. Every New Year many people resolve to change their lives, but it’s not only on New Year’s Day that we make these promises. Join Eldon and Ravinder for an in depth look at why resolutions generally fail for most people, and what can be done to end the cycle of broken promises. Learn how to make agreements with yourself that you will keep! To get your copy of Resolution Solutions, please click here. ...

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