2021, 02/15 – The Warrior’s Meditation: Taught by a Master of Four Samurai Arts

Richard Haight

Richard L. Haight is the founder of the Total Embodiment Method (TEM), which is an awareness training system designed to integrate meditation into one’s daily life. Richard is the author of five bestselling titles, most notably The Warrior’s Meditation, Unshakable Awareness, and The Unbound Soul, and he is a master-level instructor of martial, meditation and healing arts.

Richard began formal martial arts training at age 12 and moved to Japan at the age of 24 to advance his training with master’s of the sword, staff, and aiki-jujutsu. During his 15 years in Japan, Richard was awarded masters licenses in four samurai arts as well as a traditional healing art called sotai-ho. Richard is one of the world’s foremost experts in the traditional Japanese martial arts.

Through his books, his meditation, and martial arts seminars, Richard Haight is helping to ignite a worldwide movement for personal transformation that is free of all constraints and open to anyone of any level. He now lives and teaches in southern Oregon, U.S.A.

To learn more about Richard Haight, go to richardlhaight.com or join his Facebook group.

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