2018, 11/01 – Are you in the Silver Tsunami? With attorney Michael Lasky

Michael LaskyWhat to do? If you own a business, you probably figure you will be able to sell it someday for a tidy sum. The problem is that you have about a 5% chance of selling if you didn’t plan for the sale years ago. It is believed that over the next 10 years, a trillion dollars’ worth of businesses will be up for sale. Mostly by boomers who want out. Most of these businesses will shut their doors without any buyers. The owners will lose, but a lot of employees will lose their jobs too.

Michael Lasky is a practicing patent and trademark attorney and founding partner of Altera Law Group and is also with Stoel Rives, a Seattle law firm. He is also an internationally recognized speaker on subject of making companies more valuable and profitable to investors or future sale and speaks four languages. In addition to his law degree, Michael has a degree in electrical engineering, is a published author of several books including his latest book, The Good Brand, a businessperson’s guide to building a brand centric company by focusing on the three rules of branding. The book is the companion to a training course called Brand Boot Camp. He also trains companies how to patent the future in a course called Disruptive Engineering™. Most companies obtain patents on what they are currently developing but fail to go for the home run: the idea which makes their company a survivor in times of great technological change.


To learn more about Michael Lasky, visit www.brandcentering.com

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