2016, 03/24 – Crisis By Design with John Truman Wolfe

John Truman WolfeIs there really a Global Financial Ruler? One that dictates policy to the Central Banks of the world? Is there a Central Bank of central banks, that is senior to the U. S. Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England and the other national banks that control interest rates, inflation, deflation, prosperity and depression? Such a bank not only exists, but John Truman Wolfe exposed this heretofore unseen hand in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and their plans for the next one. Discover the real wizard behind the money in this one!

John Truman Wolfe is the creator and author of the award-winning Tom McKenna private eye series.

In the non-fiction genre, his book exposing the real forces behind global financial crisis, became an Amazon Best Seller. His latest release—The Coming Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain, includes the expose of the source behind the Global Financial Crisis as well as their current agenda, now in full swing, to implement “Bail In” procedures by big banks that enable failing banks to confiscate funds in their depositor’s accounts and convert them to bank stock.

John Truman Wolfe is also the Editor and Publisher of The Hard Truth, an online investigative magazine that exposes government and corporate corruption and abuse.

He has been a senior credit officer for two California banks: one in the San Francisco Bay Area, the other in Beverly Hills. He is the co-founder of a prestigious Los Angeles-based business-management company where he oversaw the business and financial affairs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.


To learn more about John Truman Wolfe and his work, go to www.thehardtruthmag.com and brucewiseman.net.

To get your copy of The Coming Financial Crisis, please click here.

To get your copy of Crisis by Design, please click here.


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