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Real Self-Responsibility

In this week’s spotlight I wish to shine some light on the notion of self-responsibility. For me, self-responsibility means taking responsibility for everything in your life, even those events or people that do not in any way seem to be your problem or responsibility. Mirrors on Ourselves Often the people who most antagonize us are the ones we need most to teach us what we want to learn. My mother used to say, “Birds of a feather flock together. ” Call it that, or call it simple attraction, anger attracts anger, hostility attracts hostility, love attracts love, and so forth. ...

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In today’s spotlight I wish to discuss the idea of fantasyland. I recently read a book by that title that is without a doubt the best book that I have ever read, and the one that I most disliked. The author is absolutely an unmitigated atheistic know-it-all who finds anything but hard science non-sense, rubbish, and pure idolatrous fantasy! That said, his scholarship, writing ability, and arguments are very compelling. 500 Year History When his 500-year history of the Americas is boiled down to a bottom line, we live in a world where fiction and non-fiction have become indistinguishable for ...

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Moral Agnosticism

In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss cultural relativism, something I think of as very close to, if not synonymous, with moral agnosticism. For I believe that fundamentally there are certain human rights that should exist everywhere in the world, regardless of so-called customs. Further, I am convinced that when we allow or justify the deprivation of these rights, by precedent we rob ourselves of the integrity that all life deserves. Indeed, by allowing human atrocities, we invite them upon ourselves if by nothing other than our tacit consent. There are many today who insist that there is ...

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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

In today’s spotlight I would like to discuss an issue that shouldn’t be an issue in my opinion—and that’s the idea of Christmas wishes. It seems that for the past few years we have been encouraged to send holiday wishes instead of those of a Merry Christmas variety. There are reasons behind this but to me, the most interesting comes down to one of politics. According to a PRRI poll, 61% of Republicans are in favor of Merry Christmas while 66% of the Democrats favor a secular greeting such as Happy Holidays. Political Divide Why the political divide? According to ...

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Paulian Paradox

          In today’s spotlight I wish to discuss the idea of being and nothingness. I just read a wonderful philosophical discussion regarding the question, Why is there something instead of nothing? If you enjoy philosophy, I highly recommend the book by Jim Holt, Why Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story. If you seriously give this idea some thought, you are driven to ask, “Why is this question meaningful?” Why Being and Nothingness Matters All together too often we take the obvious for granted; oh we may look around the world and see beauty and ...

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Cruelty Knows Many Forms

This week I wish to discuss cruelty for there are many forms of this nasty vice that currently infect almost everything we encounter. Whenever I turn on a Cable News Network, no matter which one, there is one message always conveyed—it is the message of us verses them. It seems that news as we used to know it a decade or more ago has died. There appears to be an agenda that accompanies the news and colors it accordingly. Question: Is the us against them a form of cruelty? Robbers Cave Obviously I think so. There are many psychological experiments ...

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