June 20, 2024

Empowerment Begins With A Decision

Feeling Empowered

Sometimes we take a lot for granted. We get into our heads and assume a great deal as a result. Today, I was speaking with a colleague and mentioned ‘stream of consciousness.’ My colleague stopped me and simply asked, “How many people do you think really are familiar with that term, ‘stream of consciousness’.


For me, words, phrases, and metaphors, all elicit history and images in my mind. As such, ‘stream of consciousness’ reminds me of William James who coined the term. It also generates an entire stream of thoughts having to do with everything from the influence expectation has over us to how we talk to ourselves. This invariably leads me through volumes of research regarding how our self-talk, that inner-dialogue (stream of consciousness), empowers or disables our every goal and ambition in life. Indeed, how it even impacts our abilities to perform physically and/or intellectually.

The fact is, upon checking with a few who are unfamiliar with psychology demonstrated to me, my colleague is correct. How could something so important be so ignored and misunderstood?

Motivating or Self-Destructive

How important is listening to yourself and that silent self-talk that goes on in your head? If you say to yourself now, “I am a totally honest person,” what does the self-talk think about that statement? You will get some feedback, it may as a simple as true or false, but it may also include a number of situations, examples, incidents in which you were not.

Now try telling yourself something significant that you wish to achieve. Say this year you have a goal, like changing something in your life. Think about that possibility for a moment, and then build an affirmation around it. For example, you want to give up smoking, so say to yourself, “This year I will quit smoking!”

How did that inner-dialogue work this time? Did your silent self-talk torpedo that idea right away with thoughts such as, “Sure—not likely” or “Don’t you wish?” What if that self-talk had instead offered something like, “For sure, you can do this!” Do you think that the latter response would afford more strength and conviction leading to success than the former.


Research clearly demonstrates that the way we talk to ourselves, again our stream of consciousness, impacts every aspect of our lives. I have witnessed the difference in so many different fields of endeavor for thousands of people from all walks of life. When you change the way you talk to yourself, turning the negative into empowering self-belief, the world changes. What could you achieve if your self-talk, without pause, qualification, or hesitation, totally supported your ambition?

I asked myself that years ago. I began testing this theory with what might have been the best test of all, by deploying our patented InnerTalk subliminal technology in a prison setting to lower hostility and aggression and increase reflectivity. InnerTalk passed the test, the technology worked. In numerous double-blind tests, the gold standard of research, InnerTalk has repeatedly proven itself. The studies ranged from matters such as examination anxiety and ADHD to depression and weight loss, from professional golf earnings to anesthetic requirements, from stress reduction to decision making, and so very much more. Independent researchers have tested InnerTalk time and time again and InnerTalk has succeeded every time!

So, with all of this, I ask myself, if you could end headaches for a one-time $30, why wouldn’t you? If you could help your child stop bedwetting for $30, why wouldn’t you? If you could raise grade point averages, why wouldn’t you? If you could stop smoking, lose weight, improve your health, enjoy more prosperity, be a better athlete, build great relationships, and very much more, why wouldn’t you? For me, why so many continue to ignore their self-talk and/or invest in a proven technology that will improve their lives, remains a question that is unanswered. How about you? Will you make the decision to empower yourself today?

Thanks for the read,

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor, PhD
NY Time Bestselling Author of Choices and Illusion