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Faith or Doubt?

In this week’s spotlight I’d like to discuss doubt. There are very many religious leaders who instruct us that faith arises only when doubt exists. That is, there is no such thing as faith in things known—faith arises only from things unknown. Ought? Still other religious leaders and spiritual teachers instruct us that doubt is the denial of faith. Doubt is to be vanquished and the word of God should replace it. Indeed, doubt is the work of the Deceiver for, as stated in Romans 14:23, “But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not ...

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Remorse or Self Pity?

In this week’s spotlight I want to address the fine line between feeling remorse and falling into the abyss of self-pity. One might ask, is there any advantage to be gained by feeling remorse? One might also fairly ask, what is the difference between self-pity and remorse? So let’s begin by examining those two questions.   Guilt and Pain Remorse is generally defined as deep regret or even guilt for a wrong committed. Now many in today’s world find guilt to be an unnecessary and damaging human emotion, but is it? Guilt is an emotional feeling that arises only when ...

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The Only Right Way???

This week in our spotlight I want to once again discuss the ever-growing division in our society. It’s not that we have more disagreements than in the past—it’s the fact that the respect for our differences seems to have almost entirely diminished. Why is that? What’s happened in our culture that approves of outright nastiness in our communications at every level—from the politician to family members? What in our enculturation has bred the level of anger, disrespect, and violence that we see today? Changing Times Times change—of that there is little disagreement. When I went to high school it was ...

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Unconditional Love?

In this weeks spotlight I wish to consider what is meant by unconditional love. Is this a reachable goal in life? Is it reasonable to think that we can attain a state where we truly love everyone unconditionally regardless of who they are or what they have done? Is Unconditional Love Possible Let me put some flesh on this unconditional love construct by asking a few questions. Does unconditional love require that we love the perpetrators of the greatest evil in history? When I read about the human horrors inflicted on young women by the likes of a Jeffrey Epstein, ...

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Better Life?

In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss the nature of living better. What does a better life mean to you? Is it more money, additional free time, travel, better relationships, or what? Think about this for a moment before continuing this read. I believe that most people think of a better life in terms of all those possibilities outside of themselves. Money, time, travel, possessions, relationships—these are all matters external to ourselves that we define. So think this way for a moment, what do these things really get you? Perhaps we have more money or time, but that ...

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The Light Within

In this week’s spotlight I would like to address the light within. Most of you know that I am also a chaplain, so I’m going to play minister for this blog. In almost every religious/spiritual tradition the idea of the kingdom of heaven as existing within is expressed. This kingdom within is essentially the true nature of your being. Your quintessential self (seed cell or  energy/intelligence if you will) is Divine. It is an aspect of God since from singularity (God), God divided itself creating all that it is. You are therefore at your very core, a part of God. ...

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