December 19, 2014

Be Happy!

In this week’s spotlight, we turn our attention to the notion of happiness. If you ask, “What would make you happier?” –most people will frame their answer around what they might get. If I had more money, I would be happier. If I had more time, I would be happier. If I had less stress, or a better job, or………and the list goes on and on. Research Data When we look at the research data however, we discover that none of the above provides for lasting happiness. Indeed, if you ... Read More

December 5, 2014

Animal Consciousness

I recently posted a new study on FB that announced, “Dogs hear our words and how we say them.” The article summarized its findings this way: “When people hear another person talking to them, they respond not only to what is being said — those consonants and vowels strung together into words and sentences — but also to other features of that speech — the emotional tone and the speaker’s gender, for instance. Now, a report provides some of the first evidence of how dogs also differentiate and process those ... Read More

November 15, 2014

Mindful Thinking

It is my philosophy that we are blessed with the ability to think. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to do just that. To begin we must ask the first question, “Who am I? ” When we truly begin this self-examination process, we typically discover that who we think we are is actually based on how our society has defined us. Indeed, one of my favorite questions today goes like this, “What was your last truly original thought?” Painful Prices When I ask this question I typically receive ... Read More

November 6, 2014

An Any Age Show Seeking All Age Wisdom

Turning our attention to this week’s spotlight, I tried to come up with a title and I after some discussion, settled on Any Age. That is, the information, especially the spiritual information that we come to trust should be information for any age, not just a new age. Especially when you realize that many New Age writings are simply regurgitations of much older material. I recently received a letter suggesting that since I seemed to be only interested in scientific fact that I would never fit into the new age. ... Read More

October 15, 2014

A Bad NDE?

Every week I feature a spotlight on my radio show, Provocative Enlightenment. In our spotlight this week, we turn our attention to near death experiences–NDEs. We have hosted many experts on NDEs. Dr. Raymond Moody has been with us more than once, and he is the man who coined the term: NDE. For years Dr. Moody has offered evidence of life after death by way of his books and interviews. He has presented some truly incredible testimonials and offered some stories of patients, who during an “out of body experience,” ... Read More