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The Impostor Syndrome

In today’s spotlight, I would like to discuss the impostor syndrome, or the idea that if others knew what you know about yourself, that somehow this would diminish or even discredit you. This complex, or syndrome, (also known as impostor phenomenon, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” Many people hold themselves back from success because they fail to believe that they deserve it. As a result they can develop methods to avoid attention and allow those feelings ...

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Who I Am and Who I Want to Be

In today’s spotlight I would like to discuss the notion of self. We all have a self-portrait of sorts—that is, we all know ourselves by some common measures like our name, marital status, home, occupation, etc., and we also all know ourselves in interior ways such as our likes, dislikes, proclivities, attitudes, ambitions, secrets, and so forth. As such, our identity is who we have come to know ourselves as. Constant Self? Now imagine that you lost your senses all together—would that change who you know yourself to be? Probably not. So what if you suddenly became an acquired savant ...

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Who’s In Control In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss the difference between what we can control and what we can’t. We all know people who are, what is commonly referred to as, control freaks. Generally speaking, a control freak is a person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others, and to take command of any situation. To some extent, we are all somewhat inclined to be a bit of a control freak especially in light of the idea that we should be in control of ourselves—but just how much control do we ...

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Ghosts and Ghouls: Real or Imagined

In today’s spotlight I would like to discuss the notion of ghosts and ghouls. Defining the difference between ghosts and ghouls may not be as straightforward as one might at first blush think. A ghost is generally defined as an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. Now, does that include a master, a guide, and/or an angel? The matter is unclear here. In other words, does a person have to be dead in order to be a disincarnate being appearing to you? As for a ...

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Different Forms of Mindfulness

In today’s spotlight I wish to discuss two kinds of mindfulness. Mindfulness is generally understood as meditation—meditation with the intent of relinquishing the capital I, the sense of self, and entering a state of oneness. One is therefore taught to let their thoughts go by and not follow them like some puppy on the sidewalk following every set of legs that passes by. Instead, the teaching emphasizes the need to let thought just go by and focus on your breathing. Mindfulness to Reframe There is another form of mindfulness meditation that is very useful, and one I often suggest to ...

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Does It Really Matter?

In today’s spotlight I want to take on the question, “Does it really matter?” Think about all the issues we are presented with in our everyday life. When you list them in your head you will find that, perhaps you are concerned about the traffic between home and work, or the coffee you spilled on your shirt or blouse, or some lying politician, or a flood in a foreign land. Then ask yourself, “Does it really matter to you in the here and now?” Is there anything you can do about it? How do these concerns make you feel? Stress ...

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