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Is This the Law of Attraction at Work?

The Secret and The Law of Attraction have drawn a great deal of interest from main street folks, not just the so-called new age followers. Bob Proctor, a Secret teacher, asserts that a fellow teacher, James Arthur Ray attracted his own demise — the Sedona disaster. So let me start by asking you to participate in a mind experiment. The idea behind a mind experiment is to actually explore an idea by participating in a sort of vicarious way. So, let’s use some imagination and see where it leads. What if you found yourself at a retreat? The leader is excited as he invites everyone to experience ...

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Blessings and Resolutions

As another holiday season approaches, I am reminded of last year. After spending about six hours in the kitchen with my lovely wife, patting my stomach and realizing that once again I’d eaten a little more than was comfortable, I thought to myself just how blessed most of us are. I happened to mention to my wife a thought that had just come across my mind: that love is the great equalizer. I’ve met so many people who are much less fortunate than I, yet most of them are happy. Their contentment rests in the love they share with another. ...

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The Rehearsal That Makes a Lifetime Difference

Within every human being exists a propensity for greatness. The gifts may vary, and the greatness may live out in a vast array of alternatives — say from carpentry to rocket science — but the gift that gives one true self-respect, lifts the spirit from “same old, same old,” resides within. It is our ability to do our very best with our talents in every thing we do. This potential resides within each one of us — but if so, then why is it so often denied? Every individual essentially has a self-representation that is rehearsed and eventually actualized. The ...

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