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Questioning Authority

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss the power of authority. We are all educated to respect authority. In our early years failing to do so can lead to serious repercussions. We first learn that declining blind obedience to our parents and custodians can lead to punishment, humiliation and more. We then enter school where once again the authority has a remarkable fist held over our heads. If we refuse to respect this authority we can be failed and even expelled. By the time we reach Middle School the pressures to conform have become well engrained, so even the ...

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The Herd

This week I would like to draw your attention to the herd mentality. We are all herd animals and we often behave accordingly without paying any attention to the provocation, or stimuli, provided by the herd’s behavior. This is so hard wired into our very nature that a skilled manipulator can easily and surreptitiously take advantage of how we’re all wired. We can see this done with groups as well as with an individual. Interrogators will often use neuro linguistic programming techniques to guide a subject into a confession. We all have mirror neurons so mirroring a subject, matching their ...

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Science or Politics–Another Gotcha!

This week I want to direct your attention to another interesting and subtle form of propaganda. Recently I spotted an ad on Reddit that read, “Science AMA Series: We are physicists Rush Holt and Frank von Hippel, here to answer your technical questions on the Iran Nuclear Deal (and anything else) AMA!” Wow—think of it. When I clicked the link this is what I read: The Authority Speaks We recently co-authored an open letter to President Obama, which was signed by several dozen prominent scientists, supporting the nuclear deal with Iran. We are physicists and experts in nuclear issues, and are ...

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Caveman Like Decisions?

This week I would like to spotlight the approaching political arena. Regardless of your political orientation, all of us are about to hear more and more about the stuff we get and the stuff we should fear—and our vote may be the deciding factor. Fear Mongers We will hear fear mongers warn of dooms day events if we fail to elect certain candidates, and we will hear of a cornucopia of freebies and other gifts that we might receive if we but vote the right way. Unfortunately, politics today is often about the best liar, and that usually turns out ...

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Letting the Wolf In

Today I wish to draw your attention once again to the ever increasing role information is playing in all of our lives. By now you are all aware of the collection of data that resides some where on virtually everyone of us. Much of this data is not about our medical health, or our insurance policies, or our driving record, or any other matter of this nature—for much of the data is about our profiles, our likes and dislikes, our attitudes, our ambitions, our favorite movies, preferred politicians, opinions regarding everything from the meaning of life to our involvement in ...

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Duality and Oneness

In this week’s spotlight I want to address the notion of separation as we hear it taught in new age circles today. This teaching generally asserts that separation is an illusion and that we are all one. Further, if we but halted the attention given to duality, duality would cease to exist. In other words, the only evil in the world is in the mind of the perceiver. Change your perception, refuse to acknowledge lower vibrations, hateful energies, and negativity in the world and it will all go away—because it really doesn’t exist anyway except by way of perceptual recognition. ...

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