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Political Frames

This week I’d like to discuss “framing.” Frames become definitions and often we act upon them without ever consciously recognizing their absurdity. An example may be helpful here. Think back to UK’s Got Talent and Susan Boyle. If you missed this show, just imagine a disheveled, slightly overweight, middle-aged woman dressed in a Circa ‘50’s house dress, coming onto the stage to sing. Nothing about this woman offered the slightest hint that she could sing. The audience began jeering and even the judges were exchanging smirks with each other while rolling their eyes. Again, if you did not see her ...

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Illusion of Understanding

Not long ago a study, which I posted on my FaceBook page, informed us that discussion can take place when folks are asked to explain their opinions. The study pointed out the need for us to begin to communicate instead of argue and offered a path to wider agreement—one of patiently hearing out a full and complete explanation. The idea behind this approach is referred to as an “Illusion of Understanding.” 1 Why does this work? Informed? The reason we find people are willing to begin talking instead of arguing comes down to their own discovery of how little they ...

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Waitresses in Red

Today I wish to draw your attention once again to some of the games played to win your hearts and minds. Just a few days ago I saw Donald Trump appear on television at a rally, open collar, no tie, red baseball cap, and the American Flag pin on his lapel. So what? Primes Do you know the power of the color red? Did you know that a waitress will get larger tips if she wears red and this is regardless of the customer’s gender? Are you aware that the American Flag pin is a prime, that is, it feeds ...

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Ambush Tip?

Did Donald Trump have someone embedded at Fox that tipped him off to what may have been an embarrassing and compromising debate? Is that why he really pulled out? Conjecture Now this is pure conjecture, but consider this. It is unlikely that Megyn Kelly alone was of any real concern to Trump. It is also improbable that the snarky remark tweeted out by Fox was the cause anymore than Kelly’s own defense, in her words, “If you can’t get past me, how are you gonna handle Vladimir Putin?” So what might be the real reason? In my book, “Gotcha! The ...

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The Power of Suggestion

This week I would like to address the power of suggestion. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that states, “A vacant mind is open to all suggestions, as a hollow mountain returns all sounds.” In my book, “Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will,” I open every chapter with a comparison of beliefs and facts. When it comes to the power of suggestions, we could state rather flatly: Misconception Misconception: Most people believe they are above the power of suggestion and indeed immediately recognize it for what it is. Fact: The fact is, suggestion rules! Everyone is subject to suggestion, and those ...

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Free Will?

One of the most important questions of our time is that of free will. It’s not generally a subject discussed broadly so it may come as some surprise to many that most serious researchers question the very existence of free will. Just this past week a new study shed some light on the subject. Researchers at the University of Berlin, following the work of Benjamin Libet who showed that conscious decisions were initiated by unconscious brain processes, sought to determine whether or not one could consciously over-ride this unconscious process. In the words of researcher, Professor John-Dylan Haynes, “The aim ...

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