Balancing Life

In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss the construct we call ‘balance.’ Webster defines balance this way, “An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady; a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” Think about those two definitions and try to assign the “correct proportions” of what it takes to have balance in your life.


Balancing life is little more difficult than distributing weights equally and or using equal proportions of this and that in order to establish steadiness. Indeed, balancing life for most means a multiple of components must be somehow juggled in order to give them equal attention.

For me, balance is not about juggling acts or proportional anything. For me, balance is about love. Not personal love per se’, but rather love for all of God’s creations. That said, I fail everyday. Just yesterday I saw a picture on Facebook of a young female big game hunter who killed a beautiful giraffe. She was posed in a proud haughty manner over her kill. I commented on this photo and what I said was not nice. I judged the woman in the nastiest way. So last night, I prayed for forgiveness and blessed the woman. I may not approve of her actions, but who am I to condemn her, let alone add my own vitriolic interpretation of who she is?


Today I asked my pretty Bride about a situation that both of us find unacceptable. My Bride did what I should have done yesterday, she recognized that some of us are not as aware or sensitive to some of the higher principles that may serve us in improved ways as opposed to those we may choose to act out.

Balance to me is sharing understanding, patience, courtesy, and love with all. I admit this can be seriously challenging, but when we allow someone or something to upset us—we definitely are not in balance! If you think about it, and I have said this many times (perhaps one day it will truly resonate throughout my being), when we leave this life we will not take our things with us. If we survive into an afterlife, and I believe we will, what will also survive are all of those who we have interacted with in whatever and every way. In other words, it is our relationships that will survive. Every hurt we have dished out, every judgment we have made of another, every failure to appreciate and love each other—that’s what will survive.

The Three R’s

For me then, balance in life comes down to the three R’s: Reality is Relative to Relationships.

I have challenged myself to show as much respect for others as I can in a day. Each of us can do that if by doing nothing more than slowing down and letting another car into the traffic. A smile, a thank you, and most importantly—a suspension of anger and ‘you against me.’

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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