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Antique BooksTurning our attention to this week’s spotlight, I tried to come up with a title and I after some discussion, settled on Any Age. That is, the information, especially the spiritual information that we come to trust should be information for any age, not just a new age. Especially when you realize that many New Age writings are simply regurgitations of much older material.

I recently received a letter suggesting that since I seemed to be only interested in scientific fact that I would never fit into the new age. The writer went on to point out the advantages of accepting the New Age including those obtained by virtue of membership. That is, according to them, and I quote, “So much of your work is spiritual that it would behoove you to befriend the New Age communities instead of attacking their spokespeople.” Now this listener did name a particular author but I see no necessity for personal comments here, so I have omitted the name, and I don’t believe I attack anyone.

Implicit Suggestion

That said, let’s take a look at what’s implicit in this suggestion, but first of all, I highly value subjective experiences and they cannot be scientifically verified per se’, since they are not objective by definition. As such, I honor many who are aligned with the New Age field such as those that have been aired right here on Provocative Enlightenment including certain mediums and psychics. For me, the proof is in the pudding so when some would-be seer says the world will be blasted into oblivion come December 21st, 2012, then I am likely to challenge them. Why—because dooms day prophesies are a dime a dozen and they have been around for centuries. What’s more, when a so-called scientist tells us about the Mayan Calendar and misrepresents it factually, I will confront them. When someone uses the language of science to argue for premises that are truly contrary to what science insists, I will readily point that out as well. You don’t need to baffle-gab with the heuristic language of science to express your opinions and experiences, but if you do, well—you’re fair game in my book. So, when we hear that the rate at which radio waves traveling around the earth every second, 7.8 times, the Schumann frequency, is speeding up, I know I’m hearing quantum woo! When someone argues for cultural relativity, and this person’s claim to authority comes because they speak directly to a higher being, which implies that God is saying there is no moral code except as man creates it—then I call BS without mincing words. Do I know for certain that this is wrong, not anymore than I know for certain that I exist. However, as with Descartes argument, to doubt one’s very existence is not something you’re likely to do during the raging pain produced by a ruptured appendix. So, I guess on that basis, I’m pretty certain this particular New Age author is out to lunch!

Quality Information
We are interested in quality information that informs and/or inspires. We have heard stories of pets in the afterlife, visions during NDEs and OBEs, revelations about new religious foundations, and so much more, and so long as there are no inconsistencies or factually false statements, we can all judge them without comment from this radio host. But again, when the statements are contradictory such as there is only good but there is a purgatory, then it seems to me that to let that go only promotes confusion.

On many occasions I have seen or heard confusing, even dissonant claims, by those who later inform me that they learned the information from some self-proclaimed guru. I am convinced that our ability to think is a gift and when we fail to use it, we deny the very gift that gives rise to our unique nature among other animals. Thinking is destiny in more ways than one!

I urge everyone in my books, my workshops and during our radio broadcasts to think for themselves. Please don’t just grab onto some sound byte that feels good. Remember, every one makes mistakes, including your favorite teacher, author or whomever. When you hear something like, “If it feels good, it’s God telling you to do it,” think about what that means. Think about telling your children this, or posting this message in the local prison. If the statement is true, we should be able to teach it to all just as we might teach the Golden Rule. If it needs qualification, be sure to place it in the right context. When you hear stories of grand NDEs but find that there are also persecutory NDEs, think about what that means, but be assured, if there are evil spirits, then there must be life after death and this is further evidence for our spiritual benefactors. When you hear love is all there is, think about what is meant by ‘all’ and how it fits with what you know about the real world.

Wrestling with God
The word Israelite basically means, one who wrestles with God. In a sense, those of us truly in search of spiritual wisdom, are wrestling to understand the Divine creative power that so many just give a name to, and then move on.

Words are not things and strung together with a verb they do not necessarily mean anything meaningful at all. On this show, we will continue to question and challenge, for we are genuinely seekers of truth and wisdom. So, I guess what I want to say is something like this: we are an Any Age show seeking All Age wisdom.

Thanks for the read,

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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