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A Thought Controlled World

In this week’s spotlight I want to draw your attention to the growing interest in thought-controlled robots. Indeed, it’s not just thought-controlled robots but thought-controlled everything. This is a rapidly expanding field. There are already thought-controlled prosthetic limbs, wheel chairs, computers, helicopters, and even genes. Indeed, Scientific American Mind, Volume 26, Issue 2, reported on work already completed in this area. Quoting from the article, “ A team of bioengineers in Switzerland has taken the first step toward this cyborglike setup by combining a brain-computer interface with a synthetic biological implant, allowing a genetic switch to be operated by brain ...

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The Passive Frame Conscious Mind

In this week’s spotlight I would like to focus on the idea that our conscious minds have much less control than we think. For over thirty years now I have researched the workings of the mind. Indeed, the reason our patented InnerTalk technology exists is due to an earlier discovery that suggested the non-conscious provided the conscious mind with its alternatives. In other words, some stimuli might come along and how we would react was not a matter of anything more than the alternatives written in the non-conscious. So, for example, if one were to see a stimulus as a ...

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The Amazing Human

This week I wish to bring draw attention to a couple of new pieces of research that directly impact our understanding of what it is to be human. The first is the incredible new link discovered between the brain and the immune system. This discovery has literally overturned decades of teaching. Researchers have discovered vessels connecting the brain and the immune system directly. Textbooks The old textbooks insisted on no direct connection but the new discovery actually maps the vessel connection between the lymphatic system and the brain. This provides an entirely new avenue by which immune responses can be ...

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Attention and Memory

In this week’s blog I wish to focus our attention on memory. One of the things I most enjoyed during those days when I practiced criminalistics was forensic hypnosis sessions. It never ceased to amaze me how, in an altered state of consciousness, the mind could retrieve information otherwise unavailable. Indeed, in my book, Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology I shared a few stories about just how much detail could actually be recovered. For instance, under hypnosis a convicted murderer was able to access information from months prior that occurred while he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The ...

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This week I wish to turn our attention to illusions. We live with many different forms of illusions and often fail to recognize just how pervasive they are. For example, there are all of those common visual illusions; the two lines that appear uneven but are exactly the same length, the famous moon illusion, the faces and vases illusion and so forth. But there are also the audio illusions. We often miss parts of speech and yet our brains fill this in for us. One study you can find on YouTube that illustrates well how errors of this nature occur ...

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Inner Voices of Reason or Treason

This week I wish to turn our attention to a cover story in May’s issue of Psychology Today. The headline reads, “The Voice of Reason.” What exactly is the voice of reason? It seems we have two possibilities going on in our heads all of the time. One we can think of as the voice of treason and the other as the voice of reason. The voice of treason informs us of every little limitation we might be able to think of when it comes to fulfilling our dreams. It literally evokes emotion and attaches it to negative self-talk and as a ...

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