When Motivation Dims

In this week’s spotlight I want to discuss motivation. What is it that keeps us motivated, and when our motivation seems to slow down, what do we do to renew it?

We all know that motivation begins with enthusiasm. We have an idea, a new job, a goal or ambition, etc., and when we’re motivated to go for it—the fuel is enthusiasm. No enthusiasm—insufficient motivation to succeed. So perhaps we should ask, what happens to our enthusiasm when our motivation begins to dwindle? Moreover, is it possible to refill our enthusiasm tank?

Dreams and Ambitions

Think about the ambitions you have had in your life. If you pursued them, you had a dream—a goal. Perhaps your objective was to rise to the top of your field, or to become wealthy, or to win the praise of your friends and family. You looked into the future and visualized your success. That is to say, you imaged what it would be like to succeed. You became enthused about the potential. The more exciting the image you were able to see, the greater your enthusiasm. The perhaps, as time when on, this image began to dim. The day-to-day work became routine and in the process, mundane. Maybe you actually reached some level of success and were disappointed with the results. Whatever the reason, almost everyone I have ever spoken with knows what it’s like to lose the enthusiasm and then same-old same-old sets in.

If we want to be truly motivated we must engage with enthusiasm. We must engage our objective with eager enjoyment, intent interest, and a keen sense of expectation regarding the feasibility of our success. This is the definition of enthusiasm and it is the crucial element undergirding motivation.

Rekindling the Drive and Determination

So the question remains, how do we rekindle enthusiasm in order to drive our motivation? There are several tools and techniques that will empower you in this way, and the first I think of course, is InnerTalk. The way we talk to ourselves, our internal expectations, form the foundation for igniting and maintaining an enthusiastic sense of strong motivation. There are other tactics such as redrafting that dream, that initial image, that visualization you once employed in the beginning of your undertaking. Visualizing your success in rich detail including all of your senses and emotion will enhance the power of this practice. Focus on what you want to attain and create a plan for your success. Surround yourself with people who are enthusiastic and supportive whenever and wherever possible. Get your energy level up and that might mean paying more attention to things like your diet and rest. Set off a few minutes every day to meditate and begin this process by visualizing the realization of your goal. Lower your levels of stress. Give daily attention to learning something new related to your ambition or goal.


These are but some of things you can do, but remember, it all starts with the proper attitude—the right mind set, and that’s why I suggested InnerTalk in the get go. However you manage to train your mind to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals—do this first for without that—well I don’t need to flesh that one out.

As always I welcome your feedback and thanks for the read,

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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