The Light Within

In this week’s spotlight I would like to address the light within. Most of you know that I am also a chaplain, so I’m going to play minister for this blog. In almost every religious/spiritual tradition the idea of the kingdom of heaven as existing within is expressed. This kingdom within is essentially the true nature of your being. Your quintessential self (seed cell or  energy/intelligence if you will) is Divine. It is an aspect of God since from singularity (God), God divided itself creating all that it is. You are therefore at your very core, a part of God.

The Divine Self

This divine self is the aspect of you that makes it possible for you to connect to the Divine. It is through this seed that God knows you and you know God. It is by speaking to this seed, core of your being, that you gain the ability to know what you cannot explain and do what cannot be done. Your life wraps this seed, and indeed, your every life wraps this seed with experience and other characteristics that make you who you are in the life you enjoy today. In one significant sense, your seed being, quintessential energy/intelligence, is never out of touch with God. Now that does not necessarily mean that you’re personally aware of this, for due to various reasons one may be unaware of the true nature of their highest self.

The seed of your being is ultimately who we were at the inception of creation, and who you are today is wrapped with all that you have experienced through many lifetimes. Indeed, your life today as you know it was planned by you for purposes of learning/experiencing those circumstances that could teach you the most. By understanding this, you begin to see that the genetics, the predispositions, the matrix, that is the life you know does in fact contain an element of predestination.


The fact is, many forces shape our lives, and the idea that we make all of our own choices is therefore often misguided. We inherited the language we speak; we all share ethnocentric biases and we have all been enculturated in ways that program our expectations and therefore our interpretation of our perceptions.

So, let’s return to the idea of the seed of our being. We come into this world to learn or experience something that is basically designed to teach us something specific. In order to accomplish this, there necessarily is a path that by all probabilities would deliver to us the opportunities to learn what we’re here to learn. This translates to nothing more or less than a matrix of design that delivers the very situations and people required for our journey. In other words, much of our lives must therefore be predetermined and that includes our dispositions. A pattern, a genetic predisposition, an inherited bias, and so forth, are matters that influence all of us.

Process Theology

Process theology compares us to the cells of the body, analogically speaking, and just as every cell in the body is capable of cloning the whole, we are capable of expressing our own inner divine nature. The seed may be clothed with lifetimes of experience (information and dis-information) but it remains the central guiding force available for all to tap into. Recognizing this fact gives rise to potentials that we all have within us that are capable of providing light, not just within, but also to the entire world. It is this inner light that when manifest changes the world.

We live at a time that a little more light could most definitely benefit all. We all have the ability to begin shining our light. All we need do to begin this process is to remember who we really are and to that end, I would encourage all to stop and think about their thoughts and actions—do they promote the light? If not, why would we knowingly do otherwise?

My thoughts anyway, what are yours?

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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