The Power in Humility

In today’s spotlight I want to approach the idea of humility through the back door, if you will. Over the holidays I discovered a TV that I found enjoyable, albeit irreverent. The series is called Lucifer. In the series, Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, has the ability to look you straight in the eye and know your every weakness, every sin. Think about that for a moment.

Our Errors

Imagine that you are in the presence of some being who knows your deepest darkest secrets, your every transgression—thought and deed. Not only does this being see everything about you—you suddenly become totally and fully aware of every misstep. Every time you lied, coveted or lusted, stole, misrepresented for purpose of personal gain, gossiped, connived, entertained covert activities, betrayed those who trusted you, injured another human being, lost your temper, harshly judged another person, etc., etc. Take a deliberate minute to truly reflect on your own life—how many transgressions can you remember?

For me, I think that anyone who seriously reflects on his or her own lives in this manner finds a new sense of humility. We tend to forget our own errors and we’re often all to ready to judge others. We want to think of ourselves as good people and as a result, it is all too easy to overestimate our goodness. We work to build our self-esteem but usually not as a result of service to others, but rather as a sort of self-pronouncement repeated over and over until we believe it. We dress to look good, we claim characteristics perceived to be admirable (at least by ourselves), we show the world what we want them to see and hide what we are secretly ashamed of and/or fearful the world might discover about us.


For me, and again, just for me, when I use this reflection practice I remember just how inferior I am compared to what I seek for myself. This exercise instantly instills a renewed humility reminding me that I have a long way to go before I could ever become the better person I seek to be.

It is my earnest goal to become a better person everyday of my life. As we begin a New Year, we might find that choosing such a goal will not only improve our personal lives but also favorably impact the lives of many others.

My thoughts anyway, what are yours?

As always, thanks for the read and I appreciate your feedback.

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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