2020, 11/09 – Why Evil Matters with Alex Tsakiris

Why does science use quotes around “evil”? Why do we settle for religious answers? And if evil is around us, and maybe within us, what can we do about it?

From an irreverent voice in alternative science reporting comes a novel look at a powerful force driving our culture. Alex Tsakiris shares what he’s learned interviewing some of the world’s most respected frontier scientists and spiritual thinkers. In a down to earth and sometimes brutally honest way, Alex examines why evil is brushed aside by our science-centric culture and how new developments in consciousness research might point the way to a more meaningful understanding of who we are.

Filled with fascinating insights from leading experts in physics, philosophy, psychology, psi, religious studies, UFOs and the paranormal, Why Evil Matters explores one of the great hidden forces shaping who we are and points towards how we might become our best selves.

Alex Tsakiris is a successful entrepreneur-turned-science-podcaster. In 2007 Alex launched Skeptiko, which has become the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness. He has appeared on many popular syndicated radio talk shows and podcasts and is well-known within the parapsychology and near-death experience research communities. 

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