Provocative Enlightenment with Eldon Taylor

Provocative Enlightenment with Eldon Taylor

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Former criminalist, Eldon Taylor, believes that true enlightenment can only come when you learn to take charge of your own thoughts. Can you state that your beliefs truly are your own and not just adopted from ideas that are politically correct and mass approved? According to Eldon Taylor, free thinking is difficult for many reasons, ranging from the psychology of your being to the mass attempts to mold your thinking for the convenience of others!

Join host Eldon Taylor and co-host Ravinder Taylor on Provocative Enlightenment, where nothing is too sacred to be discussed and everything is aimed at dissecting what it means to be spiritually aware in the 21st century. Provocative Enlightenment is for those of you interested in pushing the boundaries, creating waves, and breaking free!

Browse the archives and listen to Eldon interview an array of fascinating personalities including:

  • Daniel L. Shapiro, PhD

  • Jay Garfield, PhD

  • Darold Treffert, MD

  • Ingrid Newkirk

  • David J. Hand

  • Joshua Cooper Ramo

  • Peter Singer

  • Loretta Breuning, PhD

  • Dick Swaab, MD

  • Andrew Newberg, MD

  • Michael Shermer, PhD

  • Frans de Waal, PhD

  • George Noory

  • Amy Jill Levine, PhD

  • Congressman Tim Ryan

  • Parag Khanna, PhD

  • and many more!

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