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What Does That Mean? by Eldon Taylor


Enlightenment is not something that can just be handed to you. The closest thing to it that you can receive are thoughts and questions that can lead you inward in the search for meaning. What Does That Mean? is full of thoughts and questions that do just that. Some insights you may have thought of and then forgotten, and others you may have experienced but simply haven’t appreciated.

An old saying asserts that the value of a book is not in what it says but rather in what it does. What Does That Mean? is one of those books that will have a lifetime impact on all who read it. The book squarely faces the many inconsistencies held in our systems of belief, from the sciences to psychic phenomena. Eldon Taylor is willing to speak out without reservation, and without avoiding any so-called sanctities. The result is absolutely thought-provoking at every level, as this work addresses the meaning of life and the ultimate “humanness” of the human being. If you have ever questioned the nature of life, the power of the mind, unexplained events, and other mysteries, you will find this book totally riveting.

Throughout these pages, Eldon shares life experiences that will lead you to revelations about your own life. Perhaps this book’s greatest value is that it assists you in remembering who you really are and thereby places you firmly back on the path to personal enlightenment. English writer and poet Joseph Addison, said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” If that is the case, then this book is the perfect workout to enrich your thinking. You may not always like what you read, but you will always find the depth of thought wholly provocative.

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What Reviewers Are Saying

Michael Beckwith testimonial for Eldon Taylor

Eldon’s provocative voice of wisdom and compassion places his readers right on the dot about the meaning of their individual existence. What Does That Mean? reveals how the paradoxes we face in everyday life form the rich material that invites us to confidently enter the mystery and relish it. Read, practice, and celebrate!”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation—Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

Marci Shimoff testimonial for Eldon Taylor

What Does That Mean? guides you to ask deeply probing questions that often go ignored but must be examined if you are ever to live your best life possible. Highly recommended."

— Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Christiane Northrup, MD testimonial for Eldon Taylor

What Does That Mean? is engaging, thought provoking, and quite simply a great read!”

— Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Crystal Andrus testimonial for Eldon Taylor

What Does That Mean? goes far beyond ‘exploring mind, meaning, and mysteries’! It’s a deeply satisfying and divinely inspired book that will not only explain so many uncertainties; it will also heal many a tattered soul. Both scientific and spiritual, strong and soft, spellbinding and soothing . . . this is a must-read!”

— Crystal Andrus, author of Simply . . . Woman! and Transcendent Beauty

Caroline Sutherland testimonial for Eldon Taylor

I’ve found all of Eldon Taylor’s books fascinating, but What Does That Mean? is his magnum opus, offering a rare look at how inner guidance plays out in real life.”

— Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows . . . How to Stay Young

I love this book! There is something about the energetics of Eldon’s languaging that breaks open my heart. It’s very vulnerable, but if one possesses the courage to fully let it in and respond to it, there is great power involved.”

— Anita Rehker

Chuck Hillig testimonial for Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor weaves together spiritual inquiry, self-disclosure, and masterful storytelling to make this insightful book an easy read that’s accessible for everyone. Highly recommended.”

— Chuck Hillig, author of Enlightenment for Beginners and Looking for God

Peggy McColl testimonial for Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor is one of the world’s most brilliant modern-day philosophers. What Does That Mean? is a thought-provoking, engaging read that will capture your attention and have you contemplating every aspect of life itself.”

— Peggy McColl, the New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

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