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Learn Self-Hypnosis InnerTalk Programs
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Learn Self Hypnosis Affirmations
Hypnosis is natural.
I enjoy hypnosis.
Self-hypnosis is fun.
Self-hypnosis is empowering.
I relax.
I relax easily.
I enter hypnosis easily.
I let go.
I allow.
The quietness of Spirit fills me.
I am calm.
I am comfortable.
I allow myself to go deeply into self-hypnosis.
I enter self-hypnosis easily.
My body relaxes.
It's easy.
It's natural.
I just let go and allow.
I am safe.
I am secure.
I am in control.
I choose to go into hypnosis.
I choose to let go and allow.
I choose to relax.
I choose to go deeply into self-hypnosis.
My mind is powerful.
My mental states are keen.
I am powerful.
I am capable.
I am good.
I enjoy life.
I love living.
I am grateful.
I go deeply into self-hypnosis easily.
I use hypnotic techniques to improve.
I close my eyes and go deeply.
I think, Relax in my special way and go deep into self-hypnosis.
I choose when to use self-hypnosis.
I close my eyes, think, Relax, and go deeply.
I am wise.
I am intelligent.
I am aware.
I like self-hypnosis.
I keep a record of what I learn in self-hypnosis.
I remember easily.
I improve every day.
Every day in every way, I improve.
Life is fun.
Life is a miracle.
I am a miracle.
I forgive myself.
I forgive all others.
I am forgiven.

Symbiotic messages are included.

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Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology

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