Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life

Motivation Nudges to Empower Your Life by Eldon Taylor and Ravinder Taylor

Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life

plus InnerTalk® Resource Guide
By Eldon Taylor, Ph.D. and Ravinder Taylor


Every nudge contains nuggets that can become your currency to a better life.

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Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life

This marvelous new book is designed to fulfill two purposes. The first three sections provide a series of short motivational articles and stories that individually instigate special insights and motivation, and when knitted together they establish a larger tapestry that covers not just the nudges, but the thrust that propels your total commitment to success in all walks of your life!

Every nudge contains nuggets that can become your currency to a better life.

The fourth part of this book, the Resource Guide, is designed to provide additional tools—tools necessary to enforce a deep inner belief that affirms your courage and eliminates your doubt about self-worth. You do deserve to succeed! What stops most is the failure to try and/or persist beyond those early challenges. The tools offered in the last section of this book have been repeatedly proven to lead to success.

We hope everyone reads this work whether or not they ever use the Resource Guide for the simple reason that we are convinced that each and every person deserves to appreciate their very best. The authors of this work have a combined experience of over 80 years working in the filed of motivation. Together they have worked with sports organizations, business leaders, professionals, motivational speakers, authors, health care experts, and thousands of individuals from our everyday walk of life.

The motivational nudges they share will inspire you. These little nudges will add momentum to your self-belief. Each nudge will press you to become all that you can be. Every nudge contains nuggets that can become your currency to a better life.

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"I have a tendency of turning books into my books and this one was no exception. It is dogeared, highlighted and has notes in the margins. It has been a while since I marked one up like this. There is so much information contained within the pages that I had to mark it for future reference, because this has quickly become my go to book for self help, improvement and a better quality of life. I have used Eldon Taylor's InnerTalk CDs for almost 12 years. I started using them after reading the New York Times bestselling book, Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor. I was drawn to his book (and many after the first one) after I was diagnosed with a cancer related to Vietnam and given three years to live. That was almost twelve years ago. I have embraced many alternative treatments and this is a huge part of all of them. "Motivational Nudges" is not only inspiring, but the Resource Guide at the end is invaluable. It gives me a quick reference to everything available to me through InnerTalk. Eldon Taylor and Ravinder Taylor have published the perfect book for me. Do yourself a favor. If you really want to change something you see as a negative in your life, read this book and apply its lessons to your life.""

— Richard D. Rowland (retired Sergeant from the Kentucky State Police), author of Unspoken Messages