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Unconsciously Conscious?

In this week’s spotlight I would like to address the notion of group think. I continue to be surprised at how often people repeat lines they have heard spoken by pundits on both sides of the political arena that are false to fact. Then I thought back to a meeting I had with a friend of mine who was visiting from Germany. He loves magic so we decided to take in a magic show while there. I was asked to assist the magician by pretending to have lost my watch, a watch that he would find. I wondered, how many ...

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There’s Nothing Free About Free-Will

In this week’s spotlight I want to take a minute to clarify something. I’ve being asked more and more lately about the notion of free-will. We have entertained a number of guests on this show with rock solid credentials, who have insisted that free-will is in the words of Professor Schwaab, “The Grand Illusion.” If this is so, many enquire, why aren’t there more people talking about it. Well one reason most certainly has to do with research that shows rather conclusively that people who do not believe in free-will are less happy and more inclined towards accepting acts that ...

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Semantic Distortions

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss semantic distortions, how word meanings are distorted by our beliefs and emotions. Our world, to use the words of Alfred Korzybski, has now become, perhaps more often than any sane person would like to admit, false to fact and therefore necessarily distorted. It is precisely the mechanism of semantic distortions that underlies thinking processes that are or become neurotic or psychotic. It is also this same mechanism that gives rise to self-sabotaging behavior and self-limiting beliefs. This very same mechanism—and mechanism is a good word because the process becomes so automatic that ...

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Defining the Undefinable

In this week’s spotlight we shine a light on a really big question. I was recently asked to explain what I meant by God. Now that’s a good task for anyone including those of the highest clerical rank in any religion. I might have quipped with something like, well God to me is the Grand Organizing Designer, but that somehow is totally unsatisfactory. Indeed, it simply replaces one name with another. That said, definitions such as omnipotent and omniscient find their way into contradictions like, “Well if God is all powerful, then can he build a rock so large he ...

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Questions? Avoid the Mysteries? Or Question Again?

We can be very interesting creatures at times—us homo sapien sapiens. We hear of the church choir that did not show up for rehearsal the night the church was struck by lightening and burnt to the ground. We listen intently as we learn that of the eight people who never missed a practice in years, all eight for different pressing reasons unknown to each other, failed to be inside that burning church where they most certainly would have perished if they had attended the scheduled practice like always. It was a miracle. God intervened and kept the faithful home, we ...

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