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Emotional Heuristics

In this week’s spotlight I wish to address the subject of values. One of the more interesting areas of human research has to do with our emotions, and there is a heuristic to them. A heuristic is a rule or method, that shortcuts the necessity to reason, or think about a decision. If you think of it this way, then when our emotions arise, they are reflecting a value. Let me flesh that out some. Belief Mirror For years I have taught that our stream of consciousness is a mirror on our true beliefs. When we say something to ourselves ...

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Deferred Gratification Disappearing?

In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss the capacity for deferred gratification. There’s a genuinely tutorial study known as the marshmallow test. In this study young children were sat down in a room with a large fresh marshmallow. They were told that they could eat the marshmallow if they wanted, but if they waited until the researcher returned to the room, they could have two—the researcher would bring them a second marshmallow. They were also told that if they decided to eat the marshmallow before the researcher returned, to ring a bell and the researcher would immediately return, ...

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Ignorant Confusion

In this week’s spotlight I want to direct your attention to the nature of confusion. Believe it or not, there are actually several different forms of confusion. First there is the obvious, the recognition that you are confused about something, perhaps even where you are or what you’ve been doing. We’ve all read or seen some story of the person who wakes up after a drinking binge in someone else’s bed, and knows not where they are or who they are with. This is a state of confusion, one we might think of as induced confusion. Most of us have ...

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The Trap in Blame

In this week’s spotlight I wish to address the notion of blame. Years ago I conducted the first ever double blind study utilizing subliminal communication to change the behavior of an incarcerated population. We ran some fairly extensive psychometric tests but discovered nothing new. We had high scores in self and social alienation, but that was expected. The first phase of our study was to determine what sort of messages might change the attitudes and beliefs among inmates and thereby lower hostility levels, increase reflectivity, and if we were lucky even interrupt the recidivism rates. Changing Perceptions We were working ...

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Blue Lives

In this week’s spotlight I wish to take a moment to address the nature of law enforcement. We have recently seen officers literally lured to locations and then ambushed. No matter what you might think about your local police, stop for a moment and think about what sort of world we would have without them. Rule of Law History has a lot to tell us about states of lawlessness, and most of us would prefer to live in a country of laws. Unfortunately, there seems to be no limit on the hate groups today intent on killing all of us, ...

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The Greatest Human Achievement of the 20th Century

In this week’s spotlight, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the recent road trip my son and I made evaluating the idea that the first moonwalk was the most significant achievement of humankind in the last century. When we asked folks for the truly greatest accomplishment of humankind in the 20th Century, almost unanimously the answer was Apollo 11’s mission to the moon. Neil Alden Armstrong’s famous quote, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” was often cited. Now for the record, Armstrong himself argued that what he really said, and in his view ...

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