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Neurotechnology: Consciousness At Risk

In this week’s spotlight I would like to turn your thoughts for a moment to consciousness. When you think of consciousness, what comes to your mind? Do you consider the notion of who you are as part of your consciousness? I mean, if your memories were erased and synthetic memories took their place and your personality changed as a result, how would this impact your consciousness? Identity Now, if consciousness to you is about who you are, then you should know that many of the new neurotechnologies potentially threaten that. Indeed, in the Journal of Life Sciences and Policy, the ...

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Spiritual Excuses and Evil

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss the idea of evil. I have to admit that it both surprises and disturbs me to know that many supposedly enlightened teachers today insist evil is only an illusion. Indeed, one such prominent teacher informed me that so-called evildoers enter into agreements on the other side to play the role of the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and so forth. Evil according to the teachings of these folks is not just a role someone takes on to educate us in some way, it is also only a passive state ...

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To Believe or Not?

In this week’s spotlight I would like to take on the issue of evidence. What is good evidence? When can we rely on it? Should we expect evidentiary material to accompany claims and assertions? I mean, what real evidence is there for many spiritual contentions? Doctor Recommended This week I posted a video featuring actual television commercials from the 1950’s for cigarettes. The ads featured physicians endorsing smoking. One ad even showed the Surgeon General approved of smoking. Doctor after doctor endorsed not only smoking but particular brands. Camel cigarettes boasted that general practitioners, surgeons, throat specialists, diagnosticians, neurologists, radiologists, ...

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Anchored by Hope

In this week’s spotlight I would like to address optimism. We have all heard about the power of intention and positive thinking. Optimism is comprised of both but for it to have any real value, it must also maintain a realistic perspective, it must be reasonable. Reasonable optimism is anchored by hope! Hopeless/Helpless The opposite of optimism is of course, pessimism. In the affairs of the mind, pessimism can lead to helpless/hopeless feelings that literally decimate our own self-healing faculties. Indeed, as a number of animal experiments have shown, when it seems that there is no escape, no hope, animals ...

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Unrealistic Expectations

In this week’s spotlight I wish to draw your attention to unrealistic expectations. I have enjoyed recent opportunities to visit with some people of the younger generation about a variety of matters, ranging from apparel fashions to personal responsibility. There is one conclusion that I can absolutely forward, and that is: the media largely informs their ideas and attitudes, and that definitely includes their entertainment. Free or Unrealistic There are many unrealistic expectations among most people, not just our younger generation. Some of these expectations may not truly be ‘unrealistic,’ and yet, often they are more utopian than pragmatic in ...

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Hard-Wired for Spirituality

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss spirituality and the brain. I posted a new study last week on my Facebook page regarding spiritual retreats. The article’s title tells us that spiritual retreats change feel-good chemical systems in the brain. Now that should come as no surprise to those of you who follow my posts or catch our show Provocative Enlightenment. I have shared several conversations that I have enjoyed with researchers covering varying brain changes that occur as a result of meditation and other spiritual practices. Indeed, the author of the article I posted, Dr. Andrew Newberg, and ...

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