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New Paradigms and Open Minds

In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss the idea of paradigms. The American physicist and philosopher, Thomas Kuhn, proposed the notion of paradigm cycles that can eventually lead to paradigm shifts. A paradigm shift is a construct that describes a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practices of a scientific discipline. Paradigm Shift Cycle The Kuhn Cycle, as it is known, has pre-science leading to science, followed by a model drift that leads to a model crisis and subsequently a model revolution and consequently a paradigm shift. By way of example, physics is a field that ...

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In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss empathy. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy differs from compassion in that empathy refers to the ability to relate to another person’s pain vicariously, as if one has experienced that pain themselves, whereas compassion is the ability to understand and share the emotions and experiences of another person. Emotion and Empathy If you cry at sad scenes in films, tweet and post emotional links and jump to help the less fortunate, you could be genetically predisposed to ‘sensory processing sensitivity’, researchers say. California ...

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In this week’s spotlight I would like to address the subject of communication. It seems that it is more and more difficult to communicate with others today. Often this is due to emotionally charged positions that are all together too easy to affront. It seems that folks often symbolize ideas in ways that lead to further communication issues. That is, all sorts of mental images are wrapped up with certain constructs such as those found in politics. Take for example the word/symbol Republican and for some there is a sometimes hateful resentment that arises while for others a warm fuzzy ...

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Thoughts and Things

Our thoughts dart about all the time. They are anchored in some beginning and therefore when we search for where they came from, we inevitably find more thoughts. Almost like a holographic puzzle, our thought stream presents pieces that, although often unrecognizable, nevertheless are rooted in some story, and central to these stories is our self. Our interpretations of others, of all stimuli, our every perception, internal and external, are a representation of a thought linked in a storyboard of thoughts connected to our self-image. Like our beliefs, there is no such thing as a thought that arises without a ...

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The Art of Younging

In this week’s spotlight I wish to focus on the idea of aging. Years ago I developed a strategy and technology for younging. I based my work and theories on the work of others who had shown the critical role perception and expectation have on aging. Let me unpack what I learned. Living Long Living long and remaining healthy is something we all want. Ask the teenager if they would like to live to be 100 and the likely answer is an emphatic “No!” Unfortunately that is due to their expectation or attitude toward age and old people. All too ...

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The Power of Music

In this week’s spotlight I want to draw your attention to some important and yet generally little known aspects about music. Years ago I became interested in the power of sound. One of my early studies had to do with replicating a finding I discovered having to do with the influence of music on animals. The study I’m referring to showed that cows gave more milk when “they listened to soothing songs like Bridge Over Troubled Water. According to the study, cows find it easy to release oxytocin, which is a hormone that is related to the milking process, when they ...

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