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An Any Age Show Seeking All Age Wisdom

Turning our attention to this week’s spotlight, I tried to come up with a title and I after some discussion, settled on Any Age. That is, the information, especially the spiritual information that we come to trust should be information for any age, not just a new age. Especially when you realize that many New Age writings are simply regurgitations of much older material. I recently received a letter suggesting that since I seemed to be only interested in scientific fact that I would never fit into the new age. The writer went on to point out the advantages of ...

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A Bad NDE?

Every week I feature a spotlight on my radio show, Provocative Enlightenment. In our spotlight this week, we turn our attention to near death experiences–NDEs. We have hosted many experts on NDEs. Dr. Raymond Moody has been with us more than once, and he is the man who coined the term: NDE. For years Dr. Moody has offered evidence of life after death by way of his books and interviews. He has presented some truly incredible testimonials and offered some stories of patients, who during an “out of body experience,” or OBE, have accurately described the events that took place ...

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The Privacy of our Minds

This past week an article caught my attention titled “This Strange Phenomenon Allows Scientists To Control People’s Daydreams.” The article, posted by Esther Inglis-Arkell, led with this paragraph, “Ever heard of the Perky Effect? It sounds cutesy-poo, but it’s an effect that has led to a decades-long investigation that reveals a startling truth. Even if you don’t consciously control your dreams, you probably think you control your daydreams. But that might not actually be true.”1 Wait, if we don’t consciously control what we daydream about, who does? Certainly those daydreams cannot be controlled by others, can they? The straight forward ...

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What are the acceptable limits for training our young people to behave according to approved standards? What are approved standards? Exactly what is considered to be good and bad behavior? Is it bad behavior for a youngster to wear a shirt with a picture of the American flag on it? Is it unacceptable behavior for a student to bless their food before eating in school? Is it wrong for a child to ask questions? Should a child remain silent when something is said that is contrary to the teachings of their parents? Should a child always behave like the adults ...

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The Rational Human

 God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.      ~Arthur Young Recently I asked a couple of questions on my Facebook page. “What if everything you believe is wrong? Can you even admit that possibility?” What if we discovered tomorrow that foundational “truths” we hold to be dear were in fact false—what would we do? Would we deny the marshal of evidence before us? Would we attack the messenger delivering the news? Would we challenge with arguments of credibility, authenticity, verifiability, and so forth? Well the likelihood is very high that we would ...

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Our Food

This past week had some really interesting headlines regarding our food.  In one headline we read,  Are Corn Flakes Republican?  The article goes on to inform us of a new software program that will scan food in the marketplace and inform you of how the company votes with its dollars.  Quoting the Huff Post article, “The app uses data from the Center for Responsive Politics, the Institute for State Money in Politics and the Sunlight Foundation tracking donations by corporate boards, employees and political action committees.”1  So the idea is simple, if you’re a Democrat don’t buy corn flakes—vote with ...

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