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The Brain: Our Believing Machine

 The mind is a believing machine and many have argued that it needs to be just that in order for our survival. The mind makes up stories about everything and everyone, so not only is the mind a believing machine—it’s a story machine as well! It is constantly interpreting and reinterpreting stories about everyone including ourselves. The mind must believe in order to prepare for the moment and plan for tomorrow. The mind makes mistakes, however, but it never informs us of the errors. It makes mistakes in our perception, in our cognition, in our recollection, and so forth. It ...

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Irrational Skepticism

This week I want to turn our attention to the notion of irrational skepticism. I recently received a letter from a skeptical listener who suggested that it was a waste of time to hear ‘evidence’ about the after life that could not be verified. The letter went on to point out the contradictions and copycat ideas that often come from this sort of testimony. So now, before we begin, let me say that I think there is such a thing as healthy skepticism and we should all be certain that we maintain a healthy portion in the cupboards of our ...

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Convenient Answers

In today’s spotlight, we turn our attention to the familiar notion of convenience. Webster defines convenience as, “The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.” Now we all like our conveniences and why shouldn’t we? But, this is not the sort of convenient that I want to address today. No—the class of convenient I have in mind is that story, that explanation, that response that conveniently explains an otherwise difficult topic. Perhaps a couple of examples will help unpack what I am suggesting. Imagine a conversation where someone makes a statement that is clearly ...

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Spiritual Pomp and Bluster

Today we turn our attention to pomp and bluster—pomp and bluster of the spiritual sort. There is little doubt but what most, if not all, of you have encountered that person who knows everything there is to know about how one can be saved. They possess the exclusive truth and if you will but follow their guidance, you too can be saved. Perhaps if you’re at all like me, you have thought something like, “If it’s so easy, why isn’t your life perfect or why haven’t you ascended?” Logical Errors There is however, another sort of bluster that is even ...

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Heavenly Lies

Heavenly lies is the subject of this week’s spotlight. Not long ago I learned that my radio show was the target of a would-be boycott because I had questioned a guest’s credibility. The guest insisted that persons who experienced a NDE often returned with higher IQs, some 200 and above. That’s a pretty strong claim and as such, I sought clarification both on and off the show. I spoke with a stat psych expert about this claim and he informed me that it was a blatant misrepresentation because IQ tests today do not score that high. If this claim were ...

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