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The Power of Self-Limiting Suggestion

This week I want to explore the idea of suggestion. Not long ago I met a business associate from Germany in Las Vegas. He loves magic so we decided to take in a magic show while we were there. I was asked to assist the magician by pretending to have lost my watch, a watch that he would find. I wondered, how many tricks are really not tricks but rather staged events? Now, I have studied and used hypnosis for over thirty years and I know of certain hypnotic tricks that are absolutely not staged. Was it group hypnosis, the ...

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In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss the nature of civility. This election cycle has led to some truly unfortunate exchanges between candidates and I believe this can generally debase our society. If politicians can stoop to personal attacks that are vulgar and otherwise beneath the dignity of civil discourse, it’s likely that others will follow suit. This is exactly the sort of leadership that erodes our ability to communicate with one another. Real Communication Real communication is not about how loudly we can speak or how many ad hominem attacks we can mount. Sometimes it’s incumbent upon each ...

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The Security In Microchipping?

This week I wish to further our conversation regarding the arrival of the Orwellian age. My recent blog on privacy received this comment from Shelley, “GWEN towers, HARP, Apple (not the phone), ‘The Scent of Fear’, Marketing, Subliminal Messaging in the media, fluoride in the water and nobody seems too concerned about anything that our Government is doing. Our children are being force fed stimulant drugs and I don’t think it is a coincidence that during project MKUltra we discovered that stimulants made people more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. What the hell is going on and why is it only ...

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Privacy–What Privacy?

In today’s spotlight I would like to draw your attention to the age of disappearing privacy. I recently addressed the new emojis Facebook is using to measure emotional reactions, all as an admitted expansion of their data mining efforts. If you missed this show, check out my blog at eldontaylor.com for details. Today I would like to discuss another aspect of what is referred to commonly as the arrival of the Orwellian age, and that is the eyes that are on you everywhere. Facial Recognition We marvel at technology today but it is often akin to the proverbial surgeon’s scalpel ...

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False Consensus Bias

False-consensus This week I want to address the “false-consensus bias” and some of the outrage that we see playing out so publicly today. What exactly is the false-consensus bias? Please allow me to explain it by way of an example. I recently posted this comment about the passing of Nancy Reagan, “She was a wonderful human being and a great First Lady–rest in peace Mrs. Reagan.” Right away this remark was added by a Facebook friend, “That’s not how I remember her. You need to get smart!” Okay, think about this. Obviously I experienced the false-consensus bias, for in my ...

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Herding the Herd

Psycho-social Experiments This week I learned that Facebook admitted it will use data gathered when you use the new emojis to alter your News Feed and learn more about what you like. The article, which appeared in the Minds Journal, adds this, “Though Facebook often disputes suspicions its updates are psycho-social experiments, the platform’s notorious 2014 study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, proved users can’t be confident they aren’t. Facebook users became unwitting social media lab rats when data scientists manipulated the news feeds of some 700,000 people to study emotional contagion. The newest emojis, ...

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