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Spirituality as a Tool for Mind Control

This week I wish to discuss something that will no doubt bring about considerable controversy, and that is the role religion and spirituality potentially play in orchestrating mass behavior. We are all familiar with the history of the crusades and today of the holy war being carried out by some against the designated infidel. To many in the world, we in the Western civilization are indeed the infidels! As such, it is easy to witness the horrors of hard brain washing—the kind that insists heaven is but a moment away when you blow up those perverse infidels; but there is ...

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This week we focus on the subject of character. What character traits are indicative of wellbeing? In 2004 Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson published their findings regarding character in the book, “Character Strengths and Virtues.” They studied 24 character strengths. In a recent study, Scott Barry Kaufman together with Spencer Greenberg, Susan Cain, and the Quiet Revolution collected data on 517 folks looking for a correlation between character as described by Seligman and Petersen, and well-being. They found hope to be the top trait correlated with wellbeing. 1 Helplessness/Hopelessness I reported on Seligman’s work with helpless-hopeless dogs in my book, ...

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Expectation Precedes Perception

This week our subject is the genie within. If you look at Goodreads for quotes from authors, the first one you find under my name says this, “The absolutely awesome incredible power of belief is the genie in your life.” Indeed, in my book, “I Believe: When What You Believe Matters,” the bottom line take-away after examining all of the science can be stated this way, “Everything you believe matters!” Negative Spiritual Beliefs Imagine this: within you there is an awesome force with a potential creative power that can express your fears and worries just as quickly as your desires ...

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Questioning Authority

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss the power of authority. We are all educated to respect authority. In our early years failing to do so can lead to serious repercussions. We first learn that declining blind obedience to our parents and custodians can lead to punishment, humiliation and more. We then enter school where once again the authority has a remarkable fist held over our heads. If we refuse to respect this authority we can be failed and even expelled. By the time we reach Middle School the pressures to conform have become well engrained, so even the ...

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The Herd

This week I would like to draw your attention to the herd mentality. We are all herd animals and we often behave accordingly without paying any attention to the provocation, or stimuli, provided by the herd’s behavior. This is so hard wired into our very nature that a skilled manipulator can easily and surreptitiously take advantage of how we’re all wired. We can see this done with groups as well as with an individual. Interrogators will often use neuro linguistic programming techniques to guide a subject into a confession. We all have mirror neurons so mirroring a subject, matching their ...

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