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Election Stress

In this week’s spotlight I would like to address stress—not the typical form of stress brought about by life circumstances, but the stress attached to this election cycle. A recent poll indicates that 51% of Americans are experiencing serious stress directly brought on by this election. Indeed, the emotions run high and not in just two directions, but also among the many who find both candidates entirely unacceptable! Another Gotcha? In my book, Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will, you will find a detailed account of the many ways we are psychologically massaged and manipulated. The tools are many and ...

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Scientism and Hogwash

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss white crows. William James famously stated, “If an axiom states that all crows are black, we need find only one white crow to disprove it.” The relevance of this statement could not have more meaning than in the area of human experience, particularly the realm of so-called supernatural. Scientism We live at a time when many hold science as a new sort of religion, one that has been unaffectionately referred to as scientism. According to these folks, the world of shoes and ships and sealing wax is reducible to evolutionary mechanics—we are ...

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Is There a Value to Complaining

In this week’s spotlight I would like to address the issue of complaining. If you stop for a moment and think about it, we all have complaints. Perhaps as the election approaches, your complaints are about the nature of this presidential campaign and the intolerable low among our so-called leaders that we have seen this cycle. Or perhaps you find the drivers in traffic to be numbskulls or nincompoops that are always making your daily commute a nightmare. Maybe you just experienced horrible service at a diner or retail outlet and that has you thinking about complaining to management. And—I ...

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Lost In Communication

In this week’s spotlight I would like to draw your attention to thinking. I have often spoken about life beliefs as analogous to a spider’s web in that they are all attached in some way—even our dissonant beliefs. So, as with the spider’s web, if we vibrate one strand, the entire web is affected. It is important to consider how we think in exactly this same interrelated way, for the basic elements of thought begin with concepts. Indeed, we can think of concepts as the atoms that build the molecules we know as propositions. Concepts Let me unpack that some. ...

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The Power of Visualization

In today’s spotlight I wish to discuss visualization. This is a tool that we all possess but few give it the rightfully due respect it deserves. Indeed, one might argue that visualizing things is but an exercise in imagination, and in some ways it can be—but does that make it less worthy of our interest? I think not. Still, we are often encouraged to give up the use of practices like daydreaming, visualizing fantasies, and the like because the emphasis is all too often today on what we think of as left brain dominant thinking—logic and reason. Visualizing Mathematics In ...

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The Gains in Self-Sabotage?

Defense Mechanism In this week’s spotlight we shine a light on choices. We all make choices everyday and for the most part, we are certain of why we make the choices we do—but are we? I have discussed the fact that functional MRI scans show that our decisions are largely made in the subconscious followed then by our conscious mind actively constructing the rational basis for our choices. I have also pointed out how our various defense mechanisms develop strategies designed to protect us from everything from embarrassment to physical abuse. The child who is beaten by a parent often ...

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