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This week I wish to address the subject of truth. What is truth? Many today argue that it is a relative matter; it all depends on your own personal interpretation. Perhaps in some sense that is true, but does it hold for all areas of life and should it? Law as Truth If we say gravity is a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions that occur because of mass between particles, can we say this is any more or less true than a statement such as, “science is unable to adequately explain all of the phenomena experienced by ...

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In this week’s spotlight I would like to focus some on communication. The art of communication is more than just listening and then offering either a rebuttal or agreement. It certainly is much more than refusing to even entertain an idea that is contrary to your own and that is exactly what Ravinder found on her Facebook wall this week. Here is what the post basically said, “If you are a Trump supporter, please un-friend me now.” Refusal and Positioning We were at lunch with our son when Ravinder informed us of this post, and since we both try to ...

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Secrets We Should Know About

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss our dependence on government. The very nature of our lives depends on various governmental agencies operating with our best interests in mind. It is therefore disconcerting when we learn that a significant appointment to some agency overseeing our food, water, and drugs has been given to a favored friend who has been or is still affiliated with a commercial company that the agency is supposed to oversee. This is the fox guarding the hen house, and it happens with every administration. For example, what do you think when a former Monsanto executive ...

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Subvertising Fails to Work

This week we turn our attention once again to media manipulation. In my book, Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will, I flesh out the counterintuitive nature of disclaimers and retractions. However, a new study reminded me of just how important it is that we all remember they simply have no power. The fact is, you can retract a story but the research shows that even when you know the story was incorrect, you nevertheless form your opinion around the original content. So if an article insists that XYZ is harmful based on arguably reasonable evidence, then even when the article ...

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Why Believing in Yourself Always Matters

This week’s spotlight is really in answer to a question from one of my listeners. The query was put to me this way, “Why do you close all of your radio shows with ‘Believing in yourself always matters’?” I suppose the long and short answer to that could be something as simple as, “Because it always matters!” That said, let me flesh this out some and unpack just how important what you believe can be to literally ever aspect of your life ranging from health and longevity to prosperity in relationships or wealth. Belief Creates the Actual Fact The scientist ...

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The Power of Self-Limiting Suggestion

This week I want to explore the idea of suggestion. Not long ago I met a business associate from Germany in Las Vegas. He loves magic so we decided to take in a magic show while we were there. I was asked to assist the magician by pretending to have lost my watch, a watch that he would find. I wondered, how many tricks are really not tricks but rather staged events? Now, I have studied and used hypnosis for over thirty years and I know of certain hypnotic tricks that are absolutely not staged. Was it group hypnosis, the ...

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