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Feeling Rational

In this week’s spotlight I wish to draw attention to the nature of some of our psychological mechanisms. I often write about the automatic nature of actions based on unconscious programs and indeed, in my book, “Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will,” this is fleshed out in such detail that one reader reported this after reading the book, “It seems that almost everything we do is programmed in one way or another and comes from unconscious conditioning more than rational thought, and where as a professional psychologist I am aware of this, I never before beheld the total picture as ...

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Mind, Not Genes, Makes the Difference

This week I wish to address the unimaginable power of the mind. I recently encountered a person who complained about his genes. He genuinely believed that he was a defective human being because his parents passed on genes that might be implicated in several disease potentials. He was certain he would encounter one or more of these diseases at some point in his life. Genetic Testing Technology today provides each of us with a look at our heritage. If you check the consumer information page of the Federal Trade Commission you will find that some companies say genetic testing, or ...

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The Three Rs

This week’s spotlight is all about relationships. What kind of relationships do you have and what sort of relationships would you like to have? Most of us have family, friends, business cohorts or associates, and acquaintances that we chum around with from time to time. We rather nonchalantly, and typically unconsciously, classify these folks into different categories depending on our sense of trust and closeness. Now we also have relationships with fellow churchgoers, political parties, fund raising groups, sports organizations and so forth. We even have a sort-of relationship with the charities we choose to support. Indeed, when you examine ...

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Is This the Direction of Human Evolution?

In this week’s blog I would like to spend a moment reflecting on the nature of being human. What exactly does it mean to be human? Is being human something physical, mental, metaphysical, all, or none of the above? What if tomorrow technology made it possible to connect our brains to machinery that would potentially exist indefinitely? Without our bodies, are we still human? What about our feelings, emotion and senses? What about our soul or spirit, does it all reside outside of the body or does it enter, as many say, at a certain stage of our development? Would it ...

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  Before You Speak In this week’s spotlight I wish to remind us all of an idea that I have posted in my office, one that unfortunately I sometimes forget. The title to the picture in my office is THINK. The word is used as an acronym encouraging us to think before we speak. As such, the “T” stands for true—is what you’re about to say true? It’s not that hard or it shouldn’t be, but studies reveal the fact that all of us lie. It may be that we slightly exaggerate something and it can be that we just ...

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New Age Science and The Badge of Credibility

  Today I wish to share something personal with you. When I was a child I imagined what it might be like to have a round table where you could bring the brightest minds together to question the nature of life. Of course you would invite the scientist, but you would also want the mystic, the philosopher, the metaphysician, and so forth. Fast-forward to some eight years ago, and I thought, why not use a radio show for exactly this purpose? I had done radio in the past going back to the late 1980s, so why not get back into ...

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