Choosing Perception

In this week’s spotlight I wish to discuss perception. We live in a wonderful world, if we choose to see it that way. Let me flesh that out some. I was enjoying myself last evening while contemplating on life and the many experiences it has delivered to me. I reflected on several different occasions where perception defined the experience. For example, one warm summer evening not long ago, my youngest son, wife, and I were cruising in our freshly restored 1969 Impala SS Convertible, when suddenly there was no power! The car just halted in its tracks—shorted out! I smiled, don’t ask me why, and almost immediately there appeared another 1969 Impala convertible (for you car buffs, a red 427 but not the SS package).

Problems are Often Opportunities

The driver very nicely offered to provide a jumpstart and we tried, but to no avail. We thanked him and decided to call a wrecker. However, we were stuck in the middle of the street at a light—not the safest place to break down. Just then four lovely people, 3 men and a woman, ran to the car from the sidewalk and offered to help push it out of the street. Again I smiled and thanked them.

The tow truck arrived in less than five minutes and the driver against the rules very nicely agreed to provide us a ride to my friend’s home where the car would be repaired. We had a great conversation and some laughs during the journey with the four of us in the front of the 4×4 rig, my pretty bride on my lap.

Then the taxi home—we expected a long wait, but the taxi actually arrived before I finished business with the driver of the tow rig. The ride home was equally pleasant and perhaps even more rewarding. The driver was a Bible teacher, who had studied the ancient scripts, and we delighted in a terrific exchange of information and ideas.

Perception Makes the Difference

I have often taught that the world is about perception—reality is something we define in our minds. Think of the wonderful lesson my son had that evening while we all laughed and made an adventure of the entire matter. In a different frame of mind the situation could have been nasty. As it turned out, the adventure led to meeting wonderful people and sharing great conversation—and you know, I’d take that again over just driving under the stars, as pleasant as that is to me.

As always, thanks for the read.

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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